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Write For Us | Guest Post | Guest Post Submission
Write For Us | Guest Post | Guest Post Submission

UniversalBloger accepts high articles, Blogs & Guest Post. You can submit high-quality & unique content, and we will publish your content on our website along with a do-follow link to your website, but only if the content meets all the guidelines. Our objective is to uplift & motivate bloggers, author, content writers, entrepreneurs & people fond of writing unique content to share their knowledge & benefits others & themselves.

Write For Us

Want to write for our website? If yes, please fill-up the form below. Fill up with your basic information, name, username, website, email ID, profile URL, Blog/Blog URL, Title, Category, Sub-Category, Link, Time is taken to write your content & Community rating. So you can know what the audience wants. Upcoming Competition 09/08/2017 – Confluence Newsletter Contest – WRITE FOR US I have been using this awesome service, and it works great! He did a quick test with me, and I was amazed. Would give it to all of my friends/colleagues. Very very honest and friendly. Give it a shot! 

Guest Blog Submission Guidelines:

We know that your content is unique & hence we ask for maximum details on how it will be displayed on our website. Please take your time to complete the submission process as the article has to be high quality & in-depth. We also do not want to edit or get influenced by anything. Would you please respect the content & write something you will be proud of later? Deadline to submit Guest Blog Articles: All the submissions will be considered once the quality is high. Please remember that once you submit your guest post, it is our editors’ choice & other authors if your article is published. Therefore, you may need to provide all the required details to our editors before submission. To submit your guest article: Click here. WRITE FOR US or Email (universalbloger1@gmail.com)

What we’re looking for

As a contributor to the Blog, you should follow UniversalBloger rules and guidelines when you write. The length of your article should not exceed more than 500 words. Submit your articles to the email link sent to you using the contact form you can find on the Blog. You should be a member of UniversalBloger for 5 or 6 months. What to Write If you are not a blogger, then at least use the skill of writing. Create a unique style & make the language or vocabulary sound more convincing. 

Bloggers can opt for Guest Blogging which is a perfectly suitable medium to generate traffic to their website. 

eBooks are the best way to communicate your information & thoughts to a wider audience.

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts

Before guest blogging became so popular, it was a good way to promote the Blog & earn some extra income. But nowadays, so many people are using guest posting to pay others to write articles on their websites & our previous guest bloggers or writers have successfully earned a pretty decent amount of cash from it. It is just so easy! 2 Reasons We Pay Writers for Guest Posts Reason #1: To Pay Our Own Writers & Staff Writers & Editors Whether you are a small business owner, a sole proprietor, or an entrepreneur who owns a company, paid writers & bloggers have your back. Our team of professional writers can help you spread your message and content as you will be able to pay them based on the number of people that visit your website & the quality of content they have created.

Pitch your guest post ideas About

Write For Us You have loads of topics to write about, but you don’t know which topic is most suitable for your audience. This is the most difficult thing to come up with unique topics for a particular niche. Write For Us The website’s content is provided by a team of experienced writers, Bloggers & content writers who are highly skilled & skilled in providing unique and original content to its readers. Write For Us is a blog that makes it easy to write unique articles. Post By Our We have a lot of software that helps you to track your articles’ progress. Make sure your writing is unique, and you have lots of unique ideas to discuss and write about. 

Write For Us Website owners will have an opportunity to share their expertise and assist others in getting inspiration from them.

What we publish

Categories we accepted

Business, Education, Finance, App, Market, Automobile, Beauty, Business, Career, Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneur, Gadgets, Hair Care, Health, Home Improvement, Information, Law, Lifestyle, Marketing, Real Estate, Social Media, Sports, Tech, Travel

Social Media Marketing 

Website Design & Development 

SEO & SEM Email Marketing Social Media Campaigns Personality Testing Web Designing & Development Social Media Marketing Content Writing General Editing Finding the right writer to guest post on your website is a difficult task. It can be very tedious to search for the right blogger to link up to your website. We will help you find good writers and accept quality guest posts from the best of writers in the niche. Our writers bring their uniqueness into their articles. We have some awesome writers working for us now, from whom you can easily find any article you require.

How to submit (and what happens next)

Most of us tend to be concerned when someone approaches us with a nice idea of submitting a piece of content to the host, and we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to submit their content to us. But let me be the first to assure you that Guest posting on UniversalBloger is completely free, and the hosts will get zero compensation for any of their guest blog posts. In other words, our goal is to uplift and motivate bloggers, authors, content writers, entrepreneurs & people who are fond of writing unique content to share their knowledge & benefits others & their selves. In addition, we love to assist small business owners who have blogs of their own and would like to reach out to many more people. 

However, we have to clarify that we will not send unsolicited guest submissions.

Guest posting for Make a Living Writing

Every Writer’s Journey to Success Contribution of 6 benefits to Guest Blogging for Beginners How to find guest posting opportunities How to write a guest post The five things to avoid when writing a guest post The Basic Process to generate high-quality guest blogging posts 

Applying WordPress SEO for Guest Blogging A WordPress article must be in the press. If not, you can write your articles in WordPress and then upload them into WordPress.

Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission

Be short in your article by no more than 300 words, and more important – be informative! I have seen more than a few high-quality articles that were a pitiful description of generic information common in the industry. If you know nothing about the topic, either continue to research the information that you lack or, better yet, do your homework on the topic! Be unique! No one is going to plagiarize your articles because they lack creativity. Do not be stuck in the past. Copy-paste clichés or the catchphrases of a few of your competitors’ articles. Do not plagiarize! 3.

What is Guest Posting or “write for us.”

Guest posting is a type of advertising where you submit your work to a website for publishing. In the guest posting, the person who will publish the guest post is invited to do it by the hosting website. Guest posting is not the advertisement, though, and Guest posting is no must for promotion and branding of products or services. Still, it provides an excellent opportunity for people who want to share their knowledge with others through writing. Some websites and hosting services have tools that allow their clients to publish their content for free with a certain amount of subscription. After introducing such services, people have many choices of websites where they can publish their content with a choice of payment system.

Universal bloger is a platform where you can share your stories, knowledge & ideas with the world. Our motto is to provide high-quality content to readers.


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