What to Look for In an External Gaming Webcam

What to Look for In an External Gaming Webcam
What to Look for In an External Gaming Webcam

Any online gamer will attest to the fact that the built-in webcam that comes with most desktop and laptop computers just doesn’t cut it when it comes to today’s games. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your camera isn’t exactly clear, or that it lags?  Maybe people often complain they can’t hear you and vice versa. The built-in camera is often the bare minimum in terms of power and functionality which is why serious gamers choose to invest in an external gaming webcam.

If you’re ready to purchase your first external gaming webcam, here are all the details of what you should be looking for. This will help you to make an informed purchase.

Can It Be Easily Attached to Your Monitor?

A webcam is a handy tech item to have, but unless it is positioned properly it won’t be able to function as intended. Be sure to check the specifications on how to attach the camera. Is it simple? Is it adjustable? Does it look like it will be stable on your monitor? 

What’s the Picture Quality?

Another specific is the picture quality of the webcam. You want to purchase the best quality within your budget, as this will have a huge impact. Today you can find HD, FHD (full HD) and UHD models. Generally speaking, an FHD model should be an excellent choice as it is the middle ground in terms of resolution quality.

Worried About Privacy? Make Sure You Can Turn Off the Camera

Privacy is something most people are at least conscious of nowadays, if not worried about. If this is a top priority for you, be sure to look for a webcam with a physical off button. This means you can turn it off when not in use and you don’t have to worry about accidentally engaging it or streaming when you don’t want to. The Lenovo webcams are ideal for those worried about privacy. 

What’s the Camera’s Field of View?

Then there is the field of view, called the FOV measurement. This is measured by degrees and takes into account how much the camera can fit in its field of view. Some users will want a large FOV, whereas others are happy with a very small and specific one. One thing that will affect your purchasing decision is where you plan on placing the camera. If the webcam is on a stand, for example, then you may want a larger FOV.

What About Auto Features?

Finally, there are the auto features that many webcams have today. This is meant to make them more user-friendly and improve the picture and sound quality. Some of the more popular auto features include low light correction and autofocus.

Look Deeper Than the Price Tag

When it comes to shopping for a new webcam it’s important to look deeper than the price tag. While budget still may be a priority, that doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t look for other important features that will make the camera functional and practical for your gaming needs.

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