What Is the Selection Process for SSC GD Constable Post? How Can One Become an SSC GD Constable?

What Is the Selection Process for SSC GD Constable Post? How Can One Become an SSC GD Constable?
What Is the Selection Process for SSC GD Constable Post? How Can One Become an SSC GD Constable?

The SSC GD Constable post is a government job. The role of the SSC GD Constable is to prevent trans-border crimes like smuggling and stealing in the border areas. Their main aim is to ensure the citizens’ safety and protection in these areas. Therefore, this post is highly prestigious. Applicants who clear the exam selection process will be eligible to secure jobs in different government organizations like BSF, CISF, CRPF, SSB, ITBP, NIA, SSF, Assam Rifles, etc. 

To apply for this post, applicants must know the selection process first. This article highlights the selection process for SSC GD Constable post and the process of becoming an SSC GD Constable. 

Selection Process for SSC GD Constable Post

The selection process consists of four exams in total. The following are the four exams in the selection process for the SSC Constable Post:

  1. Computer-Based Exam (CBE): This is the first step of the selection process. Students who fulfill the SSC GD Constable eligibility can appear for the 100 mark computer-based test to go on to the next step. The duration of the Computer-based Exam is 90 minutes. The evaluation process of this test includes four sections: General Reasoning and Intelligence, Language (English or Hindi), Mathematics, and General Knowledge. The computer-based test is objective, and each question carries one mark. Each section consists of 25 marks each.
  2. Physical Efficiency Test: This is the second step of the selection process. The students who get shortlisted based on the computer-based exam will be eligible to give this exam. The purpose of this exam is to test the physical standards of the applicants. There are specific criteria that the candidates must keep in mind while applying for the exam. The height of men should be at least 170 cm, and women should be at least 150 cm.
  3. Physical Standards Test: This is the third exam of the selection process. The commission will only select the candidates who will fulfill the physical efficiency test requirements. The applicants taking this exam have to show physical prowess by covering a certain distance in a certain amount of time. For men, the length they have to cover is 5 km and the time limit is 24 minutes; and for women, the distance to be covered is 1.6 km, and the time limit is 8 1/2 minutes. 
  4. Medical Test: This is the fourth and final exam of the selection process. The commission will shortlist the candidates appearing based on their physical efficiency and standard test performance. In this test, the commission will evaluate the medical efficiency of the applicant. The applicant will go through a thorough medical test, including a vision test and a radiology test. Candidates will advance further based on this test. Candidates who do not clear the medical examination will not be eligible to go further. The commission also verifies the original documents of the students during this exam. 

Therefore, these are the steps of the selection process for the SSC GD Constable post. Candidates applying to this post must know the details of the selection process and the eligibility criteria of the tests.

How to Become an SSC GD Constable?

Since this is a demanding job, an applicant must follow a definite process. Students applying to this post must clear school-level education. In addition, they must prepare extensively for all three of the tests mentioned above. If they fail to crack any of the exams, they will not be eligible for the post. 

Furthermore, applicants must know current affairs, basic math, and language. They must also be physically and mentally fit for the exams. There have been cases where applicants clear the computer-based exam and the physical efficiency test but fail to clear the medical examination due to some prior physical disability like surgery or weak eyesight. In cases like this, the commission immediately rejects the applicants even though they have cleared the previous round. 

Therefore, applicants must consider these factors before applying for the SSC GD Constable post. The commission evaluates and appoints applicants to the SSC GD Constable post once the applicants clear all three rounds of exams. The commission assigns them to the position based on their department choices and marks during the initial exams. This way, the applicant becomes an SSC GD Constable post.


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