What is the Correct Dosage of CBD, and How to Administer it?

What is the Correct Dosage of CBD, and How to Administer it?
What is the Correct Dosage of CBD, and How to Administer it?

Painkillers might not be the best idea if your dog is suffering from pain and has undergone extensive treatments. 

Painkillers have NSAIDs believed to adversely affect the liver and kidneys of the dog. Moreover, in the long run, the dog might become tolerant to the pain medication, so you might have to administer more medication to them. This may cause tremendous damage to their other body parts while it may help alleviate pain. 

This is why many pet parents are exploring alternative treatments such as CBD. 

It is a natural component that impacts the endocannabinoid system of dogs to stimulate a nervous, digestive, immune, and cerebral response. 

CBD helps alleviate pain, and it is a natural medication that is quite effective in dealing with inflammation in the body. Not only does it work for humans, but its anti-inflammatory properties are also beneficial for dogs and other animals. 

Since CBD has been legalized for medicinal use, you can buy it from various websites. These products come in multiple sizes and forms so that you can manage CBD dosing for dogs. You can purchase oil, treats, salve, chews, and capsules. 

However, you must pay attention to the dosage of the products. 

So, here are some things you must know about the correct CBD dosage and how to administer the dose. 

CBD dosage

It is essential that you pay attention to determining the ideal CBD dosage for your dog. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, the dosage has nothing to do with the breed and the dog’s weight. It is more about other factors that contribute to their overall health. 

Factors such as their metabolism, age, ECS, diseases, overall health, and preferences matter the most when deciding the dosage. 

However, there is no rule of thumb regarding the precise CBD dosing for dogs. 

The best way is to track their progress and the effects of the dosage in a journal. You must start giving them a small dosage of CBD and note their response, wherein pay attention to their energy levels, mobility, sleep patterns, appetite, and other things. 

How to administer CBD to your dogs

  • Drop on the tongue – It is the most effective way to administer CBD to your dogs. Putting some drops of the oil on their tongue helps their body absorb the oil much more effectively. The oil can go into their bloodstream faster, producing faster results.
  • Mix it with food – If your dog is not well trained or does not like when you administer CBD onto their tongue, then you must mix it with their food. While it might take some time to see the effects, they will indeed ingest CBD when you combine it with their food. 
  • Rub on their skin – You can even administer CBD by applying it to their skin. This method might take the longest time to affect their system, but it is a no-fuss solution. 

CBD is beneficial for your dogs as it can help with their seizures, induce appetite, improve mood, and alleviate pain without harming their health. cbd dosing for dogscbd dosing for dogs 

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