What Are the Best Cities in Tennessee?

What Are the Best Cities in Tennessee?
What Are the Best Cities in Tennessee?

Tennessee is an amazing state with a lot to offer anyone who comes looking.  Whether you’re considering moving here or you’re trying to pick your next vacation destination: these are the best cities in Tennessee and why they’re such popular travel destinations!

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Why Travel to Tennessee?

If you’re unfamiliar with Tennessee, you’ll be amazed at how much there is to see and do here!  Not only is there a thriving music scene across all three of its major cities, but there’s also endless art and food and anything else you could want to find.  If art and food don’t thrill you, there’s more nature and greenery here than in most states, giving you the chance to disappear into the mountains and come back relaxed and ready to take on the world. 

Tennessee is also incredibly affordable, making this a vacation destination for anyone: not just a select few.  


If you love country music and want to see tons of amazing performers cutting their teeth in the industry, it’s a great idea to stop in Nashville.  From Outlaw to Stadium Country and everything in between, you’ll be amazed at all of the unique sounds and styles this city can offer.  Beyond that, Nashville has a long and incredible history that will save you from ever feeling bored: there are tons to see and learn while you’re here.  


The smallest town on this list, Franklin, is home to just over 80,000 people and is filled with history and incredible southern food.  Leaning into the southern identity more than a lot of Florida, Franklin stays true to its roots and offers the chance to step back and live a little slower for a few days.  This attitude can be extremely welcome to travelers who are used to vacations exhausting them.  


It’s easy to fall in love with this beautiful city: just one stop will have you looking for Knoxville real estate you can buy.  Knoxville is best known for its incredible food and entertainment, taking both as seriously as possible.  Surrounded by endless green and with an old world fair at its heart, Knoxville is equal parts big and small city and inspiring to so many who live here.

This city has the best nightlife besides Nashville and offers the chance to cut loose and enjoy a little work and life balance that’s hard to find anywhere else.  


If country music isn’t your scene, you may want to consider Memphis instead!  Home to soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll, this city has been the destination for musicians who are ready to produce and prove themselves through their albums.  

This city is far more affordable than Nashville for traveling, and beyond that, it also has iconic landmarks like Graceland (the home of Elvis Presley) and Sun Studios, where countless albums by stars from around the world have been recorded.  

Tennessee Will Blow You Away

Tennessee is more than just the heart of the south: it’s an incredible state that offers something unique to anyone.  If you’re considering a vacation, it’s a good idea to travel to Tennessee! 

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