There are two types of truck makers, Did you know that there are two types of truck manufacturers, one that manufactures the body part of a truck and the other that manufactures the body part (high quality)?The body part is the chassis part such as the driver’s cab and engine, and the body part (upper part) is the flat body, refrigerated freezer truck, crane, van, dump truck, etc.Actually, the body part and the body part are often manufactured by different manufacturers, but the term “truck maker” often refers to the manufacturer that manufactures the body part.Next, I will introduce in detail the truck manufacturer that manufactures the body part. make overall disel truks best and top quality parts that increase the performance of your trucks.

What are the characteristics of popular truck makers?

Heavy truck in service area:

Let’s take a look at the features and popular models of “Toyota, Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi Fuso, and UD Trucks,” which are the five major Japanese truck manufacturers that manufacture body parts.

Features of Toyota:

Toyota Motors, which owns Hino Motors as a consolidated subsidiary and boasts the No. 1 share in the domestic market for passenger cars, has a reputation for strength and stability in horsepower.Toyota’s truck business mainly develops models for small trucks, so we do not sell heavy trucks at all times.

Today, the demand and supply of passenger cars is increasing, but originally the truck and bus chassis divisions were also the mainstay.

The characteristics of Toyota trucks are “strength of horsepower and a sense of stability”!

One of the merits is the strength of horsepower and the feeling of running when moving between cities, and the smooth operation from temporary stop to restart.

In addition, the trucks on the market at Toyota are light trucks.

Please note that large-sized vehicles are sold separately, such as by order sales or Hino Motors, a consolidated subsidiary.

Speaking of Toyota trucks, many people mention “Dyna” as a popular model.

It is a light-duty truck that uses a diesel hybrid system equipped with a dedicated engine and has outstanding fuel efficiency as well as environmental performance.

Features of Isuzu:

Isuzu Motors is characterized by a high-quality large diesel engine.We are good at developing engines that move large vehicles, and even vehicles that are close to the loading limit can climb the slope smoothly.In addition, while having a powerful diesel engine, the quiet engine sound that is environmentally friendly is also attractive.While having a powerful driving force from a large diesel engine, it brings together safety and driving support technologies such as pre-crash braking and all-speed millimeter-wave inter-vehicle cruise.In addition, aiming to be a “car that does not get tired” even when traveling long distances, we have realized comfort and comfort by adopting a newly designed high roof and high-performance seats.

Features of HINO:

“Hino Motors” has made the name of light trucks even higher with its distinctive commercials.It is a truck manufacturer that is very popular both in Japan and overseas and is also a consolidated subsidiary of Toyota.Hino’s trucks, which mainly manufacture and sell commercial vehicles (trucks and buses), have high horsepower, low vibration, and high durability, and have won first place in terms of sales volume and customer satisfaction of large vehicles.Vehicles equipped with the automatic shift function “Pro Shift 6” and the automatic start function “Pro Shift 12” can achieve even lower fuel consumption and driving support.

Each is attractive in terms of function and ride comfort!

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