Top 5 Things to Know When Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Top 5 Things to Know When Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Top 5 Things to Know When Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended a lot of plans for a large number of people. Whether you had a vacation, business expansion, or moving plans, you have to reorient them according to the current situation. While a lot of places have reopened all over the US, there are still on and off travel restrictions and other rules in various zones. So, if you have to move during this time, you should thoroughly research these factors, and make your decisions accordingly.  

Moving house can be more complicated than you’d think. You have to think about everything, from transporting furniture to getting a new Cox cable connection in your new home. Therefore, you must create a checklist where you have all these concerns written down.  This should be a regular practice anyway, but you should be particularly meticulous about it during the pandemic. It is far from over, so you need to make sure you don’t breach any protocols or put your family at risk. In addition, you shouldn’t put other people at risk either. Here are a few factors you should consider.   

Moving Date Flexibility 

First of all, if you already have moving plans in place, you should confirm the flexibility of these dates. When is your current lease running out and when is the next one starting? See how flexible these dates are, and hold off the move if needed.  

Talk to your landlord and see your rental or mortgage contract. Furthermore, there are rules in place in multiple states, which prevent landlords from evicting tenants during the pandemic. Do your research on these rules, and see how long you can hold off your move and stay safe.  

Travel Restrictions in the Area 

There are travel restrictions in some zones all over the country. Therefore, you need to look up these restrictions, especially if you’re moving between states. You might find it hard to properly make all the necessary arrangements in red zones, as many businesses and services might not be operational.  

For instance, if you are looking at moving into apartments for rent in San Antonio, make sure you’re aware of all restrictions and lockdowns in your destination area as well as your current area.   

SOP-Compliant Moving Companies 

You’ll need to find a moving company which will help carry your stuff to your new house and set it up. Alternatively, you can rent a U-Haul and drive it yourself. Confirm whether the company you choose is SOP-compliant and will follow all social distancing and hygiene protocols. In addition, you should make sure you have the appropriate hygiene materials like sanitizers and gloves available as well.  

To prevent excessive contact, pack up what you can before the movers arrive, so they can quickly go in and bring your things out. In case something needs to be professionally packed, make sure you follow all the distancing and hygiene protocols.  

Family Health Status 

Make sure all your family members are in the clear before you move to your new house. If anyone in your family has COVID symptoms, then do not put them in contact with the movers or avoid the move till they’ve recovered, if possible.  

Make sure all of you wear your masks during the moving process and if you get in contact with anyone else along the way. Furthermore, keep sanitizers with you and maintain social distancing protocols throughout the process. If a family member has severe or moderate symptoms, try delaying the move, so that they have access to their existing medical facilities in a stable manner.  

Cancellation Policies 

If you have immunocompromised family members or there is an outbreak in your destination area, then you should cancel your move for the time being. See what the policies are in your contracts, and contact your landlords or mortgage source about them.  

In many cases, states have prevented any penalties or evictions, so you’ll probably be able to cancel your move for a while. Then, once things are settling down, you can plan your move again and make it in a safe and efficient way.   In conclusion, you should check all policies and possibilities if you’re planning to move during the pandemic. Make sure you keep yourself and your family safe and do not break any distancing and lockdown rules simply by moving house. 

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