The Most Common Reasons for Workers’ Compensation Claims

The Most Common Reasons for Workers’ Compensation Claims
The Most Common Reasons for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims are a common occurrence in most industries. Accidents happen, and these accidents are often the fault of malpractice or poor training. That doesn’t mean workers should have to survive the fallout without compensation or sufficient support. Some accidents are worth making a claim for, and others don’t qualify. So, before you take the leap, read this guide to common reasons a workers’ compensation claim might be able to move forward. 

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What to Do If You Get Injured at Work

First of all, there is a protocol to follow if an injury occurs in a work setting. The accident must be recorded, evidence should be collected, and the worker must receive appropriate medical treatment and assessment. If the result of the injury means that you can’t work, it is time to think about compensation claims. As explained here,, this route is a long one but a successful one if the claim is made within the right time frame, with the best supportive expert, and has merit. This is the only way to protect your integrity and your wages. 

Common Reasons that Workers Have to Claim Compensation

Here are some common reasons why compensation claims might be necessary as a result of workplace incidents. 


People fall all the time, it’s just a part of being human. However, when the fall could have been avoided and is, in fact, a result of negligence on the part of the employer, this is when the compensation claim may be worth pursuing. Some cases are easy to prove, for example, a faulty carpet fitting. Others may be more difficult, for example, there was a spill on a floor. Most falls that occur within the workplace setting are eligible for compensation. 

Eye Injuries

Toxic chemicals, dust, and sharp or falling objects all pose a risk to eye health. If PPE has not been provided or there has been a lack of training and an eye injury occurs, this is definite grounds for compensation. This type of injury occurs most commonly in the construction and manufacturing industries. 

Repetitive Strain

Do you sit at a desk all day long typing documents and generally using a computer? Has this resulted in a repetitive strain injury? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you will have the right to claim compensation if you can prove that the provisions to support comfortable working were not in place by the employer. Ergonomic furniture and regular breaks are encouraged in traditional office settings to avoid injuries such as this. 


While less common, lacerations and cuts do happen fairly frequently. These are almost never the fault of the injured party and are often severe enough to merit time off work and medical attention. Whether it is a case of poor training from management when handling machinery (like an automatic saw), or some unresolved DIY in an office setting, it happens more than you might think. 

There are lots of reasons that lead to workers’ compensation claims. If there is a case to be made, it is best to seek expert representation for the best possible advice and outcomes.

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