The Inner Thoughts of a Doctor Performing a Big Surgery

The Inner Thoughts of a Doctor Performing a Big Surgery
The Inner Thoughts of a Doctor Performing a Big Surgery

Have you ever had even a minor surgery or medical procedure and wondered what the doctor was thinking? Just like people have various personalities, doctors do too and will think various things when performing a surgery, big or small.

While their exact thoughts will vary, there are certainly common themes that doctors report when performing an important surgery. Here are some of the inner thoughts a doctor might have when performing a big surgery:

Flow and Expertise

In order to reach this level of their profession, to even be performing a big surgery, the doctor had to complete years and years of training. Once they are performing surgery, perhaps a surgery they have performed dozens or hundreds of times before, they may get into a sense of flow in performing the repeated movements that they were trained for.

If the surgery is not routine, perhaps they are trying to identify a tumor or repair some internal damage, they will obviously have thoughts related to their expertise in anatomy and surgical procedures. Either way, patients can rest assured that the surgeon’s thoughts are on their training and expertise as they work through a large surgery.

Reactions to the Surgery

Doctors may also have some thoughts on reactions to the surgery. For example, if a doctor successfully delivers a baby via Cesarean section or finds that they are able to completely remove a tumor from a cancer patient, they may feel a sense of happiness, joy, or accomplishment.

On the other hand, if they find that internal damage is more extensive than they thought or cancer has spread so far that they can’t remove it all, they may feel a sense of sadness or despair. 

If something unfortunately goes wrong, they may feel a sense of anxiety or worry and may consider if they need to contact a medical malpractice lawyer. While a doctor does their best to maintain a sense of calm under pressure, they may also be feeling any or all of these emotions during a big surgery.

Communication with the Team

The doctor does not perform the surgery alone, but instead works with a team of nurses, anesthesiologists, technicians, technologists, and assistants. While every surgery will not have every one of these professions present, surgeries have at least several other medical professionals in the room besides the doctor.

Since this is the case, at least a part of the doctor’s thoughts will relate to communicating with the team and directing what they need to do. The most common thing we probably think of when we think of a doctor performing surgery is the surgeon beginning the procedure by extending their hand and saying, “Scalpel.” 

So part of the thought process for any doctor in the OR is not only what they need to do during the surgery but also what they need to ask other people for or direct other people to do.  

Overall, a wide range of thoughts may be going through the doctor’s mind in the operating room during a big surgery, but the vast majority probably relate to getting the best outcome for the patient.

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