The Best Social Media Marketing Tools That You Must Use

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools That You Must Use
The Best Social Media Marketing Tools That You Must Use

Social media acts as one of the most important marketing channels for businesses today. With social media tools backed with a strong marketing strategy, they can get a better return on investments, experience improvement in market share, and increase the cliental. Many studies indicate that companies using such tools outperform those that do not. You can build a strong content strategy, find relevant keywords, run email marketing campaigns, and conduct competitor analysis with them. You can also gain valuable data related to user behavior, preferences, and needs to better improve your marketing and content strategy.

Most of these tools do not cost a lot. However, you will need to subscribe to a reliable ISP like Charter Spectrum cable to get real-time insights into your social media campaigns. Use the following tools to improve your business prospects.


Loomly is one of the best social media marketing tools out there. It is particularly good for startups and small businesses. Loomly helps social media teams plan, organize, and collaborate effectively. The tool has built-in calendars and workflows. Its useful dashboard also contains information regarding approaching project deadlines. The effective algorithm of the tool analyzes the trending topics and conversations on Twitter to recommend content ideas. The user interface is quite simple and even newcomers in the field of social media marketing can easily navigate across the app.


Audiense is one of the best tools to identify and segment the followers of your social media accounts. This can allow you to run ad campaigns that only focus on prospective customers. This helps to generate results and the cost invested in ad campaigns truly makes sense. The tool can identify customer preferences, personality traits, buying habits, and more to suggest the perfect target market for you. The platform is ideal for Twitter and a great choice for B2B companies.


SendGrid will enable you to take care of all your email marketing needs. The platform comes with a user-friendly interface. You can easily drag-and-drop elements to create a good email marketing template. Apart from this, the app also comes with performance analytics. This will help you see how your email marketing campaigns are performing. You will also be able to get insights related to user behavior. One of the best features of SendGrid is that small businesses can use it for free. Later, they can also subscribe to the paid version for more features.


lemlist is another email marketing tool that can come in handy if your prime focus is on deliverability. The tool will allow you to roll out quick marketing campaigns and provide insights related to the clickthrough rate, bounce rate, and conversions. The tool can help you significantly when it comes to IP warming. It also provides ample personalization tools to create emails that do not seem spammy.


If you want to build your email marketing list for marketing purposes, use Moosend. The tool comes at economical pricing and provides codeless campaigning features as well. It also allows users to create automated campaigns along with a comprehensive reporting feature.  You can also add and customize features on landing pages such as countdown timers and mobile pop-ups.


Ahrefs is recognized as one of the leading platforms to get keywords ideas for social media marketing. Here, you can check the top-ranking organic keywords and estimate the amount of traffic you can get for it. Depending on your available resources, you can choose keywords of high or low competition. Apart from this, you can also analyze backlinks. The tool also provides great comparative analysis features for different websites.


To find out the best-ranking keywords and optimize your content, Clearscope is a great tool. It will help you enhance your articles by recommending improvements in different elements such as keywords and headers. It will also provide you a readability analysis. You can use the tool to create a content strategy as well. Clearscope will also help you improve the quality of your existing content.


SEMrush is one of the most popular social media marketing tools that, similar to Ahrefs, provides critical insights related to keywords. You can track the ranking of your blog posts, search for keywords, and conduct competitor analysis on SEMrush. If you’re searching for keywords, the tool will also provide you with other related suggestions. These are some of the best social media marketing tools that you can use to get ahead of your competitors. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to make more sales and grow your revenue every year!

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