The 9 Most Underrated Methods to Reduce Anxiety You Need to Know

The 9 Most Underrated Methods to Reduce Anxiety You Need to Know
The 9 Most Underrated Methods to Reduce Anxiety You Need to Know

Everyone today is facing one or the other issue it has become a very normal occurance in life. But some of them are struggling with anxiety and it is so bad that they have to take medications for comtrolling it. It has become cool and hip culture for people to pop a pill when they feel worried. But there are ways to get rid of anxiety without abusing the body with drugs. If you really want to get better, you will find the will to do so.

Here are some of the most amazing yet most underrated methods to reduce anxiety. If you are someone who is done abusing your body with drugs and wants to get rid of your anxiety issues, you must read these 9 practices and adopt them into your daily routine.

1. Don’t Spill But Have That Tea

In ancient Indian and Chinese cultures, tea was basically used as a medicinal herb for its healing and rejuvenating properties. There have been several books written on the usage and benefits of tea. Everyone knows about chamomile tea and its calming effects. So just drop the idea of spilling some tea with your friends or colleagues and give yourself a tea break. This will surely help you far more than gossiping.

2. Feeling Things? Write Them Down

Every now and then, you share things with your friends and feel a little lighter by doing so. But sometimes, you feel like you are oversharing or burdening your friends with your problems which might give you even more anxiety. So, be your own friend and write whatever is giving you the chills. Writing down feelings helps you become more clear about them and is a great outlet to release the tension.

3. Give Yourself Some Pep-talk

Cheering isn’t just a high school activity; it can be a very good source of positive energy for you. Keep yourself surrounded by people who are trying to genuinely help you. And if you don’t have them, become your own cheerleader. Be there for yourself whenever you need help because you are the best that you have!

4. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

This is something most people think of as an added task. They do not realize that it is very crucial for their mental health to live a life wih good and healthy habits. Because a happy mind is always and always resting on the shoulders of a happy and healthy body. A healthy lifestyle involves eating clean and doing any form of physical activity.

5. Avoid Negative Thoughts

There has never been a good thing out of negative thinking. It only pulls you down and creates more obstacles. Instead, think and hope for positive things and they will manifest into reality. Remember and believe in the universe;it is powerful. So, set up positive affirmations and see their power.

6. Make Movement Part of Your Life

Movement is always good, not just for your body but for your mind as well. Working out and the release of endorphins have a good effect on your anxiety. If you are someone who loathes exercise, try finding some kind of activity that you might enjoy doing. For example, tai chi, yoga, swimming, etc.

7. Associate Smell to Happy Memories! Aroma Therapy

It has been tested by psychologists; your brain recognises and stores olfactory information, and if you associate a happy memory with a fragrance, you will always be reminded of that memory whenever you smell that same fragrance. It is as simple as you being happy when you smell your favourite dessert. Aromatherapy has been used by humans for 1000s of years. It helps one relax and sleep; boosts the mood, and reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

8. Try Sound Therapy for a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep has been proven to be good for mental health by many scientists. Adults need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep to function properly. Sleep should be a priority, and you could try sound therapy if you face issues with getting sleep. There are various sound therapy types, like:

  1. Tuning Fork Therapy
  2. Brainwave Entertainment
  3. Neurologic Music Therapy

Sound sleep is an assured result of sound therapy.

9. Ask for Help When You Need It 

And finally, coming to a point that has the power and potential to help you break the cycle of your anxiety. It’s simply asking for help. No matter who you are and what you are struggling with, be it office, business or academic, just be brave enough to seek help. If you are a student, you can ask for help from assignment writing services and they’ll provide assistance related to academics. Similarly, as an office goer, ask your colleague or office therapist for help.

Anxiety has become a byproduct of the busy life that human beings have been living nowadays. And unchecked anxiety can be gravely dangerous to human life. If popping pills every now and then to cope with anxiety is not what you want as a solution, then please go through this write up. Hopefully, it will help you overcome your anxiety.

Authors’ bio : 

Imogen Webb is a health and well being coach (HWBC) at a reputed institute. He has been coaching for a long time. He is very passionate about helping people overcome their anxiety issues without the help of drugs. He has been working with Global Assignment Help as a freelancer to assist anxiety-ridden humans, especially youth. He assists students with their experienced assignment writing services. In his free time, he creates pottery, murals and also teaches it to senior citizens.


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