SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents: What Does It Do for Your Business?

SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents What Does It Do for Your Business
SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents What Does It Do for Your Business

Text message marketing is an effective tool for realtors. If you’re wondering how SMS marketing for real estate agents can help your business, read on.

Look for a the right tool

With an open rate of about 98 percent or higher, using text messages to market prospective buyers can help you boost your business and sell more homes. To pull that off, you’ll need to invest in the right system. Shop around for a CRM solution that allows you to send and schedule SMS text messages with ease. That’s going to help you get your SMS text messaging efforts off to a good start.

Tie in with your schedule

When you buy a CRM application, though, you’ll want to take look for options that provide you with a wide range of other features that can help you be more efficient at your job. For instance, does it come with a real estate showing calendar? You can use a scheduler to set your SMS messages and tie that into your calendar, so you won’t miss any important details.

Send reminders through text

If you’re holding an open house, you can also use this feature to send reminders to your list of prospective buyers. That’s another way you can maximize the use of SMS marketing for real estate agents. Life can get but that it’s easy for things to slip our minds. By sending reminders, you can keep your buyers from missing out on an open house, ensuring a good turnout for the event. The more people come, the greater the chances of you getting a prospective buyer to make an offer on one of our property, especially since an open house can also give you and your buyers the time to discuss other options and homes under you.

Create an automated message

Another way to make use of the SMS message feature is to put together automated messages, one that you can send to cold leads. You can revive their interests with a properly worded text message. Time it after a week or so. Just make sure you customize the automated message a. Add a bit of personal touch. Don’t forget to put in a link to your site so they know where to go if they want to browse through more options or take a look at the property again. If you keep forgetting to send that automated text, though, no worries, You can always use the application’s Real Estate Showing Calendar. Send yourself reminders or set alerts so you’ll know if it’s time to send an out another text to a cold lead.

Bottom line Find ways to use SMS marketing to give you the advantage you need in business. With the right tools and CRM solutions, you get the competitive edge you need to outperform other agents in the field. If you’re looking to get more leads or turn those leads into gold, then start trying out SMS message marketing. See for yourself how beneficial it can be to your business.

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