PCNOK – What are the Mission, Members & Benefits of PCNOK

PCNOK - What are the Mission, Members & Benefits of PCNOK
PCNOK - What are the Mission, Members & Benefits of PCNOK

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, or PCNOK, networks with 19 healthcare providers and works as a Clinically Integrated Network. The goal of PCNOK is to improve the health of the people of Oklahoma. And its operational process is integrated with Oklahoma’s Community Health Centers and Community Behavioral Health Organizations.

What is (PCNOK) Patient Care Network?

PCNOK, or Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, was established in 2014. It has been an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) since 2017. It focuses on providing better healthcare services to the people of Oklahoma. And it also aims to decrease the cost of treatment. Moreover, the members of PCNOK can access 125 urban and rural sites. They aim to provide the best primary care to the people in these areas. This initiative has helped the people of Oklahoma to maintain a healthier population over the years.

PCNOK has 25 members who provide a unified effort to make healthcare services more accessible. It also collaborates with related organizations to offer valuable healthcare services. The services include medical, dental, vision, mental health, diagnostic testing, pharmacy, specialty care, and nutrition. Moreover, the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is the most extensive network for primary health care as well.

PCNOK has more than 500 customers, including recognized government agencies, small business holders, and start-ups. And it also provides facilities like telehealth, health coaches, and care team for advanced services.

PCNOK’s care model includes prenatal to geriatric care. And it offers optimum healthcare services to the 77 counties in Oklahoma. The organization’s members work on data-based details to ensure the best results for improving mass health. And it efficiently manages to provide individualistic and high-quality treatment. PCNOK helps to reduce the cost of admission and other costs related to healthcare effectively. It makes exceptional healthcare facilities more accessible.

Mission of PCNOK

In brief, PCNOK wants to make Oklahoma healthy again! But here is a detailed guide to knowing its actual mission. It ensures the best medical facilities for patients of all levels of health conditions in Oklahoma.  

The mission of PCNOK also lies in meeting the standards for healthcare. It does not compromise the quality of the service for patients’ security. Their target is to save the cost of healthcare for people. So it becomes more affordable and accessible to people of all economic levels. It claims to save Medicare $ 8.7 Million.

The patients can access preventive care, primary care, and behavioral health services through PCNOK. And the most essential part of the network is it optimizes the shared resources. Thus it makes the most of information technology while implementing it in patients’ care. As there is a partnership option to share the resources among members, the services have improved over time. Even hospitals can also collaborate to provide a better healthcare service.

Training the healthcare providers is a part of the program. And the organization emphasizes training new healthcare providers for better results. The purpose of training is to make the service quality uniform anywhere in Oklahoma.

The PCNOK model for healthcare allows healthcare providers to access digital tools. It includes telemedicine, digitally shared medical records, e-prescriptions, and so on. These advanced ways of managing patient care help healthcare providers to offer the best services. It closes the gap between the patient and the healthcare services efficiently.

Member of PCNOK Organizations

The top ten list of members of PCNOK helps people to get a better health care service in Oklahoma.

  • Community Health Connection Inc.
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Inc.
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers
  • Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc.
  • Stigler Health and Wellness Center, Inc.
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center
  • Shortgrass Community Health Center
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services Inc.

Patient Care Network: its works

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma helps patients to provide on-time care. And trained healthcare service providers never fail to maximize their services. Clinical technology and devices help to meet the benchmark of healthcare. So, the monitoring of patients is easier and more minute even when they are in quarantine.

Patients who suffer from chronic illness or still suffering after getting discharged from the hospital get the utmost benefits from the PCNOK. And the health network is always well-connected with advanced technology. The geriatric care is well-monitored with punctual intervals. And healthcare service providers are concerned about it. The detailed and remote monitoring with minute attention toward patients makes it an exceptional service. The patients get quick assistance. Multiple resources can inter-share the details for maximum benefits.

PCNOK makes the betterment of healthcare services with an active program schedule. Their continuous improvement of services is the best feature to mention. Oklahoma people can get good quality treatment with digitalized monitoring. And the patients also get the best-in-class service providers at a reduced cost.

Benefits and Advantages of PCNOK

PCNOK offers beneficial services to patients. And the patients can access facilities like those mentioned below:

  1. Locating the ideal healthcare provider is easier with PCNOK. Patients can access the database to find suitable healthcare providers anywhere in Oklahoma. And patients can avail of the healthcare providers by location and type of healthcare service they want.
  2. Accessing health status and digital records is smoother with PCNOK. The acquaintances of the patients can easily access the digital records for pathological tests, medical history, etc.
  3. PCNOK enriches the community with health education. The goal of PCNOK is also to make society know the way to well-being. They teach how to balance life with proper nutrition and exercise.

The advantages of being under the service of PCNOK are many. 

Surveillance for patients

Patients get minute surveillance while being under treatment. The healthcare service providers aim to save the patient’s life no matter what health condition he or she is in. Safe and secure treatment ensures better health in the future. And it reduces the cost of medical treatments. Patients also get encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle suitable to their health status.

Advantages for the family

The patient’s family gets assured medical details for the patient. And the continuous supervision of the patient makes it easier for the family to manage the situation. Critical patients get constant medical care to avoid any health hazards.

Digitally equipped features

The healthcare service providers can supervise the home monitoring of patients even remotely. And treatment becomes easier for such digital monitoring and advanced technologies.

Advantages with SSN

Patients’ health surveillance with digital facilities makes remote supervision easier for doctors. And patients also get the advantages of quality healthcare.


PCNOK is a network that is digitally equipped with the best technological surveillance. It ensures an excellent quality of patient care while cutting off the cost of treatment. Oklahoma people get a lot of benefits from PCNOK services. And healthcare has become more accessible to all. Its remote patient care system is one of the most fantastic facilities. The trained healthcare professionals provide the services on time. So, families of patients feel secure in support of the efficient healthcare network.


  1. What is the total revenue of PCNOK?

The total revenue of PCNOK is $1.1 Million.

  1. Where is its headquarters?

The headquarters of PCNOK is in the USA. The full address is 3000 N Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States.

  1. How many employees does the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma have?

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma has less than 25 employees.

  1. What Health Insurance Do They Accept?

PCNOK accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and even self-paying options. They also offer discounts to patients who are under 200% of the poverty line and pay in cash.

  1. How many employees are working with PCNOK?

There are around 25 employees with PCNOK but not more than that.

  1. Who is the Executive Director of PCNOK?

Teresa Huggins is on the board of chair of PCNOK.

  1. What are the primary industries that benefited from PCNOK?

The health industry, including the healthcare service providers, get benefitted from PCNOK.

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