Metaverse: What can it Bring for Physical and Virtual Traveling?

Metaverse: What can it bring for physical and virtual traveling?
Metaverse: What can it bring for physical and virtual traveling?

Meta CEO Mark Zukerberg predicts that the world will plug into the Metaverse within a decade. So, ten years from now, we all might be plugged into a virtual world performing numerous activities and, of course, Traveling.

Metaverse is the Latest Catchphrase of the Tech Industry and “What can Metaverse bring to travelers? “stays a significant topic throughout this blog post.

What can Metaverse bring to physical traveling?

Metaverse relies on virtual and augmented reality to deliver a better experience to users. With the robust AR and VR integration, Metaverse can enhance the physical traveling experience for travelers.

Self-guided tour

Imagine you hover your camera app on the street, and it reflects information about buildings and shops nearby you. Travelers can view the real-time world without even entering the buildings and shops, visualizing what the experience will look like directly on their phones. It can act as a guide for travelers to visualize general insights about places nearby them while walking on the street. Smartphones can also use 3d Holographic technology to produce 3d images and videos of the places. Or, the travelers can wear AR glasses to gain an immersive experience adding fun elements to their tour. The possibilities of Metaverse technologies like AR are infinite, and we have to predict and see what companies bring to the world of Metaverse in the future.

Digital profiles of people around

Metaverse is a virtual sphere of users active in the technological world. Sooner or later, people will have their own digital profiles in Metaverse, and other users could search them depending on their visibility. While traveling, AR can reflect the user’s registered in the Metaverse. Travelers can add, message, and interact with them in the virtual world, just like a social media platform. But unlike the social media world that feels like videos and texts, the AR technology in the Metaverse will provide a real-time connection with the other travelers. 

For example, your camera or map can identify the users registered on the Metaverse walking around you. You can view their 3d profiles to know more about them and communicate to enrich your traveling experience. Vendors and shops can also create their metaverse profile to enhance virtual reach to the customers.

Ordering without being present

Travelers will be able to decrease their efforts with Metaverse. For example, we sometimes have to go and order food or services we desire. With Metaverse, travelers can virtually go and order meals or desired services, reaching directly in their rooms. Furthermore, if it is a biometric-related order, travelers can push their characters to perform desired activities. In this manner, Metaverse can let travelers order food and services without being present at the place in reality.

What can Metaverse bring to virtual traveling?

Virtual reality is the backbone of Metaverse, but it focuses on providing an experience that is close to reality. This is what Metaverse can bring to virtual traveling.

Checking out accommodations from the couch

COVID 19 Pandemic has taught us the importance of the digital world and how one can perform most of the activities being at their couch. Metaverse with the VR technology can bring the same. For now, VR’s are limited to certain games or specific activities, but with the integration of a whole virtual world, travelers will be able to experience accommodations with their VR. One can check their resting rooms, food places, shops, and hotels from their home prior to performing actual traveling. Even people can walk around their travel places and greet other travelers performing the traveling at the same time in the world of Metaverse. It will provide a real-time adventure to users while traveling and observing other travelers.

Virtual travel agencies

Virtual travel agencies can embed virtual visiting options for their customers. For example, a traveler could visit places virtually before deciding if they want to travel there physically. Travel agents can provide 360-degree views with VR’s of the most important and beautiful destinations in order to assist their customers with better traveling decisions. These agencies can put two options for the travelers, one is letting them enjoy the feel of the place virtually, and another is physically visiting it after being satisfied with the option. 

Those who do not have enough budget to accommodate physical traveling experience can still view the place in the 360-degree view. Further, children can enjoy VR experiences since they cannot visit remote locations by themselves. Although, the concept will depend highly on the satellites or travel places to let their environment integrate with the virtual technology with different feelings in different weathers. Uploading the VR experience of most places will take a decade or so where other travelers will play a key role in providing data.

Entertainment in transport and sites

Metaverse games fulfilled with VR technology can be included in transport like flights and trains. Travelers can entertain themselves by wearing VR technologies and playing with other players present in the Metaverse. Businesses can create a blockchain of players sitting nearby on the train and let users provide a higher level of entertainment. General level entertainment can be 360-degree videos and web serving through VR. The same level of entertainment can be provided at the heritage sites where users can sit and watch a complete virtual reality video of historical events that have taken place at specific places.

Metaverse: Soon to transform your traveling experience

Virtual and augmented reality are the most important elements in Metaverse technology creating the digital universe. The technology will require ultra-fast internet speed to host profiles on the web visibility to users in real-time. Also, the experience in VR and AR technology needs ultra-powerful up-gradation to provide close to the real experience to the travelers. 
We are not very far from experiencing Metaverse in traveling, but it will still take a couple of decades or more to finally embed the technology with all the digital devices. But, it is for sure that Metaverse will benefit and enrich the traveling experience for travelers and travel businesses. Companies like Facebook (now meta), Microsoft, and other High-tech app development agencies are ready to fuel the Metaverse.

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