Laravel Development Tools

Laravel Development Tools
Laravel Development Tools

A reliable, robust, and secure backend is key to developing a modern web app. How you manage your data and code your backend often determines the overall success of your project. Often, coding in the backend gets exhausting and is very time-consuming. If your backend framework doesn’t support third-party libraries or tools that help ease the development process, it can cost you both time and money to get your final product ready. Moreover, it might not be the most efficient app either. So, what can you do? Use one of the most reliable, robust, and secure PHP Frameworks – Laravel. 

Laravel is a lightweight framework. That is because it is a very bare-bones framework upon installation. However, the Laravel Community and Laravel provide many reliable, useful, and powerful packages and tools that help scale the Laravel app to the next level. These Laravel tools help ease the development process, reduce time to market, and reduce the chances of errors. Before diving into our ultimate list of Laravel Development Tools, we should understand the various benefits of utilizing them for our Laravel development process. 

Why use Laravel Development Tools?

There are many reasons to learn and utilize Laravel development tools. If you don’t want to go through that process yourself, you can always hire Laravel developers that have proven expertise and credible experience in using Laravel tools for development. Here are the top reasons to use Laravel Development Tools for your Laravel-based project – 

  1. They follow Laravel’s best coding standards.

Using Laravel development tools will help reduce the chances of coding errors. It is meant to ease the development process while maintaining a certain coding standard. All Laravel tools are built in accordance with the Laravel framework and best web code writing guidelines.

  1. Save Valuable Time

Using Laravel tools to handle the most mundane parts of web app development allows more time in the hands of strategists and owners to focus their minds on how they want the website to look and what they want it to convey. It helps the client make more rational decisions about their business without worrying about the technicalities of Laravel development. 

Top Laravel Development Tools

We should now discuss the top Laravel development tools available for enhancing your Laravel web app. Make sure to understand each tool’s purpose and approach and compare it to your business requirements before integrating it into your Laravel project. 

  1. PHPStorm

PHPStorm is a smart IDE platform that can be used for the Laravel framework. It can be integrated seamlessly into your Laravel project and comes with many beneficial features such as fast and safe refactoring, smart code navigation, effective unit testing and debugging methods, and more. It is also a great PHP code formatter. 

  1. Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel Ecosystem is one of the best Laravel tools that give it an edge over other PHP and non-PHP web frameworks. It has many tools for different purposes that help you set up various aspects of your Laravel project. 

  1. Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge is a deployment automation Laravel tool that uses a PHP server. It provides many security features and the ability to enable database backups and install SSL certificates within no time. 

  1. Laravel Valet

Laravel Valet is a great Laravel tool for macOS users that helps you set up a development environment for Laravel-based apps. It is easy to set up, with zero configuration requirement. You don’t need a docker or vagrant, and it supports manual installation of additional services such as MySQL and Redis. 

  1. Laravel Homestand

Laravel Homestand is an excellent Laravel tool for setting up the Vagrant box for the Laravel development environment. It works well on all major operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. When you use Homestand, you don’t need to make use of installing PHP/web server/ any other software on the local desktop. 

  1. Laravel Tenancy 

Tenancy is an ideal tool for the Laravel project, which requires setting up multi-tenant Laravel platforms. It has an option for a drop-in solution without compromising flexibility. It allows developers to scaffold a multi-tenant SaaS platform. It best suits marketing companies that like to leverage re-functionality for various projects. Developers can add configs, routes, codes, and more for a particular tenant. 

  1. Lumen

Lumen is a micro-framework version of Laravel, and it is ideal for developers that don’t need to use the whole Laravel framework. Using Lumen can give you access to microservices and APIs and ease the overall process of routing, caching, and more. The minimized size and features improve your web app’s overall speed and performance and provide support for both mobile and web apps.

  1. Laravel Telescope

Laravel Telescope is an ideal Laravel debugging assistant. It provides next-level debugging options, and its UI is extremely appealing and user-friendly. Using Telescope eases the overall app development process while providing a robust interface to monitor and debug various aspects of your app. It also helps developers get an idea of the kind of requests in their application and all the running exceptions, mail, log entries, notifications, cache operations, and more.

  1. Chipper CI

Chipper CI is a continuous integration tool for Laravel that helps run PHPUnit and Laravel Dusk without configuration. It uses dependency caching that allows fast build speeds. However, unlike most tools here, Chipper CI is a premium tool with a 14-day free trial.

  1.  Laravel Nova

Nova is an efficient dashboard for the Laravel app. The main purpose of using Laravel Nova is to administer the needed database with eloquent help. It helps developers create new resources using the nova:resource Artisan command.

  1. Laravel Backup

One of the essential Laravel tools needed for any Laravel project is Laravel Backup. It allows developers to make backups in a ZIP file with all files and directories. 

  1. Laravel Tinker

Tinker enables Laravel developers to establish an interaction with Laravel apps using command lines in interactive shells. It allows access to all available objects and events.

  1. Laravel Socialite

Socialite is a popular Laravel development tool that offers fluent and expressive OAuth authentication with various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and more.

  1. Laravel Mix

Laravel Mix is an efficient Laravel Tool that helps developers manage front-end build processes. It helps provide a clean and flexible API for writing basic Webpack build steps for your Laravel application. It works like a wrapper on webpack and seamlessly with modern JS frameworks like React, Vue, TypeScript, and more.

Final Words

You can integrate these top Laravel development tools into your Laravel app to enhance its performance, security, coding, testing, and other aspects. Hire dedicated developers from a reputed IT company if you plan to build an enterprise-grade Laravel application.

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