Know About the Types of Astrology

Know about the Types of Astrology
Know about the Types of Astrology

Two words of Greek origin combine together to form the word ‘Astrology’. The two words are ‘astron’ meaning ‘stars’ and logos meaning ‘study’. In simple words, it could be said that Astrology is the study about stars. For more than 5000 years people have known about astrology and developed an inclination towards it.

This system of the influence of the Sun, the Moon, Planets, Stars on the lives of the humans on the Earth is believed to have begun in ancient Babylonia, and then advanced to Greece and India too. In India the form of Astrology is known as Vedic Astrology.

The Vedic Astrology is a sidereal astrology, which involves the use of several charts and the most prevalent one is the Rashi Chart. This chart deals with the current life of the individual while the Navamsa chart deals with the hidden talents and marital status of the individual.

The Tropical Astrology is one that deals with the vernal equinox, this is the one that is more commonly called Modern Astrology. There are many modern astrologers like Maralyn Burstein. She has a unique style of mixing different types of astrology. Depending on what her clients wants her to delve in she combines different traditions and gives the necessary suggestions.

We also have a types of Astrology that is customized according to the English Standards and since it was frequently used by the members of the Royal family, it is called the British Astrology. Queen Elizabeth often used Astrology backed suggestions for important events like coronation, marriage, constructions, etc.

A typical tropical astrology that passed from Egypt to Greece is known as the Greek Astrology. This happened approximately around 400 B.C. The potentiality of fame, character traits are all described in this tropical astrology. A very interesting types of astrology is the tropical mundane astrology. This is one in which the ruler of the country such as the president or monarch is dealt with astrologically.

Next comes the Relocation Astrology. As the name suggests, this astrology is used to find out how a person would fare if he/she were to shift the location, in terms of business and dealings with others. What kind of physical, mental, financial and emotional effect the place would have on the individual.

Maralyn Burstein is an astrologer you should visit if you want a modern day approach to the area of your query. She strives to deliver only excellent quality of work, which is why it might be a bit of an issue getting an appointment with her, but once you mange to get that you are sure to receive absolutely satisfying answers to all your questions. She claims to provide solutions to a wide array of clients, from legal concerns, physically analyzing a jury, people of the stock and corporate world or even a mom and dad running business.

The Corporate, Legal and Horary Astrology are the other prevalent types of astrology in the present times and are quite regularly used by many astrologers to let you know your plight in your daily life and what your future holds for you.

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