Junkyard Joe Special Black and White Issue to Benefit Veterans Causes

Junkyard Joe Special Black and White Issue to Benefit Veterans Causes
Junkyard Joe Special Black and White Issue to Benefit Veterans Causes

The story of Geiger continues in the first spinoff from the series, Junkyard Joe, debuting on October 5, 2022, with a special black and white cover that benefits two veterans’ charities. The series creators Geoff Johns and Gary Frank introduced the series’ lead character in Geiger, but explore his beginnings in the new series.

The inside pages of both the colorized version and the black and white inked version of Junkyard Joe explore the robot’s real start and his existence as a fictional character in the mind of cartoonist Muddy Davis. The outer covers, though, the creators leveraged to do good for others.

Both creators have ancestors who served in the Second World War, the artist’s grandfather and one of the writer’s grandfathers. This inspired the series itself, which focuses on the Vietnam War, and the camaraderie and sacrifice of The Junkyard Dogs unit.

Comprised of Matches, Bumbles, Big Jack, Sarge, Band-Aid, Green, Junkyard Joe, and Muddy, the comic book delves into to creation of the robot later re-programmed to destroy Geiger and the life of Muddy Davis and his comic strip creation after the war.

To leverage the excitement of comic book fans at the release of Junkyard Joe, the creators put together a benefit for the non-profits Veterans Aid and the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. For each black and white issue of the graphic novel sold, the pair will donate $2 to the charities.

Geiger earned a cult following and many of its readers wanted more from the single-volume series. The spinoffs like Junkyard Joe offer that. The characters in the Unnamed Universe, especially Geiger’s enemies, produced questions from its readers. Junkyard Joe addresses some of those questions, but more than that, the new military-themed series offers its creators a soundboard for veterans’ issues.

By creating the benefit issues, they leveraged their own creativity and provided Geiger fans with a way to help vets. While Junkyard Joe explores what Geiger terms the “unlikely and strange heroes [who] have risen and fallen, their identities and lives a secret,” its first issue helps the real heroes who remain largely unknown to most Americans but serve to protect their freedoms.

Junkyard Joe, Issue No. One offers more insight and information on the “Great Evil” Geiger introduced, but it also offers comic fans an opportunity to contribute to veterans winning their own unknown war.

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