Increase Sales Team Efficiency Without CRM

Increase Sales Team Efficiency Without CRM
Increase Sales Team Efficiency Without CRM

Boosting sales is one of the top objectives of every business. A lot of methods were developed to increase business from traditional methods to the internet age. It evolved from word-of-mouth referrals to print advertising to social media campaigns. The salespeople have been crucial for business growth.

Now that we are in the digital age, thousands of tools and applications were developed to boost sales. One of them is Customer Relations Management (CRM). CRM is designed to help companies stay connected with their customers for improved profitability. CRMs consolidate all communications, documents, and other tasks associated with your prospects and current customers to give you a better insight into your customer interactions. 

The core concept remains: leads be turned into clients and clients be turned into loyal customers. Exploring other options may lead you to cut costs on the license fees and other hidden costs in the implementation of CRM.

Contact Management is the Key

The ability to consolidate all the information regarding a particular person in one place gives the sales team a better understanding of how to approach the person. Hence, contact management is one of the key features of CRM software.

Contact management allows salespeople to store, organize, and easily access contact records of prospects and customers in a database. Data input should not be limited only to names and contact details. 

Moreover, it should also include some notes gathered during the interaction. You can already do this with Google Contacts. In fact, Google Contact even has a feature wherein you can add customized fields and notes. 

The critical point is if everyone in your sales team can readily retrieve or update the needed information from that database. Being able to do so equates to a smoother collaboration. Unfortunately, you cannot share your contact database with only Google Contacts. Hence, you think of getting a CRM.

However, there are stand-alone contact management apps that are only 10% of a CRM seat cost. Your team can synchronously work together when contact sharing is enabled. Make sure you choose the contact sharing app that integrates with all the other communication channels you use. 

Productive Prospecting

Clearly define your target market. Salespeople waste time when they fail to connect with the right people. Determine if the person you are talking with is the decision maker. 

For example, a young engineer can be so enthusiastic about your waterproofing product. However, it’s his supervisor who submits the purchase order list to logistics. It can be the other way around. You were pitching to the C-suite without knowing you’ve bypassed the true decision maker. 

Lead management is another CRM feature. You can do away with it if you have the ability to write comments under your contact. Also, pay more attention to the dynamics of purchasing in your prospect’s company. Written reminders like “Get Mark to introduce you to his boss Andrew” can make help you focus on what to dou with that lead. 

Another approach is focusing on your target demographic. Dig a little deeper into them as well if they are ready to purchase. Also, if they can purchase immediately. No need to pursue leads that don’t fall into those categories. 

Stop Sticking to a Script

Your customers are humans, not credit card numbers. There should be a tad of personal interactions included in sales and not just the desire to meet your quota. 

If you process all of your customers like producing a factory product, chances are most of them would just be like one. Like a factory product, it usually doesn’t last as much as custom-made. In other words, loyal customers might be hard to come by. In turn, you constantly search for new customers and it’s another pipeline process.

Scripts are good frameworks. As with frameworks, it does function. But some want more than a basic structure. The problem with CRMs is that almost all processes are automatic. This goes from messaging to calendar management as well. 

If you haven’t got a CRM yet, you must put effort into knowing your customer better. This will help you tailor-fit your sales pitch. If you already have a CRM, try not to rely heavily on it. Add some non-automated emails from time to time. 


CRM may sound like a sweet deal, and indeed it is. You may have been considering this for some time now. You may even be enjoying the benefits of CRM as well. However, this is not the ultimate solution to augment sales. Working on your employees’ motivation and efficiency can go a long way.

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