How to Customize Your Packaging To Boost Consumer Engagement

How to Customize Your Packaging To Boost Consumer Engagement
How to Customize Your Packaging To Boost Consumer Engagement

The packaging material and design of products can affect consumer engagement. Brands can use custom printed Mylar bags to attract consumer attention on store shelves or online product listings. Once consumers make a purchase, QR code packaging can boost engagement. Learn more about the importance of engaging consumers and the role custom packaging plays in increasing engagement. 

Why Consumer Engagement Is Important

Studies show that fully-engaged consumers who have strong attachments to or connections with a brand have higher profitability, revenue and share of wallet than average consumers. Engaged customers buy more frequently and may spend more on products from their favorite brands. The more customers a brand succeeds in engaging, the higher its profits.

Engagement can also be a way to foster community among consumers. Customers who are engaged are much more likely to feel a sense of connection with fellow buyers or fans of a product or brand. One way that this can pay off is when brands use Connected Packaging to invite customer reviews. In addition to increasing positive feedback about products, reviews also allow brands to address any issues. 

Benefits of Customized Packaging

Custom packaging can be made to protect any product during distribution, stocking and sale. Mylar bags, flexible stand-up or lay-flat pouches and rollstock are all options that are available. Some products need high-barrier films to seal out moisture and prevent odors from exiting packaging. Sustainable packaging materials are also available for brands committed to environmental responsibility.

Brands can use customized packaging to make products look more appealing to consumers. Digital printing on flexible packaging makes it possible to print on demand without plates, reducing costs, allowing for short print runs and supporting variable printing. A brand can experiment with the use of different color schemes, images or Connected Packaging features on custom packaging. 

How Smart Packaging Promotes Engagement

Smart packaging involves the inclusion of interactive features on packaging. Quick Response codes are popular choices for custom printed stand up pouches. These two-dimensional barcodes can link to a brand website or any other online destination or provide other information to consumers. All consumers need is a smartphone with a camera that can function as a QR code reader. When brands make accessing opportunities to engage online easy and worthwhile, engagement rates tend to rise.

Some of the most effective approaches to engagement include QR codes that direct customers to online destinations to review products. Serialized codes can also be used to register purchases in customer loyalty or rewards programs, which can lead to repurchasing. Secure QR codes are being used to verify the authenticity of products and increase consumer trust. Brands seeking more engagement should consider incorporating QR codes that link to opportunities into product packaging designs. A brand that uses custom printed Mylar bags that have appealing designs has laid the groundwork for increased consumer engagement. While some consumers choose to mention or feature products in social media posts, a brand can encourage these and other modes of engagement by customizing packaging with QR codes or other options for smart packaging designs.

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