How to Bring More Traffic to Your Online Store

How to Bring More Traffic to Your Online Store
How to Bring More Traffic to Your Online Store

The internet is filled with a huge number of e-commerce websites. Now that people are more reliant on online shopping, websites have become crucial for all sorts of businesses. However, making a website is not enough. Attracting traffic to it is another problem. Read on to find help in directing more traffic to your online store. However, you can start editing videos here if you’re looking for an online video editor.

Expert tips to bring more traffic to your online store

Expert tips to bring more traffic to your online store

1. Sales Campaigns

Most of the time, visitors first check the sales section on your website. And this is something that you can use to your advantage. With a powerful and creative sales campaign, you can drive a lot of potential customers to the website.

Marketing a good deal to the right public plays an important role in attracting more traffic. With social media, email marketing, and other advertising platforms, promoting your business has become quite easy.

Combining the right advertising tool with a creative campaign can bear fruitful results. Here are some common ways businesses implement sales campaigns:

  1. Competitions and giveaways
  2. Discount coupons for customers
  3. Special bundles or BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers
  4. Free delivery
  5. Flash sales

2. Target audience on Facebook

Almost 75% of customers visit Facebook before purchasing anything. This is why so many businesses are now creating their Facebook pages. It allows them to stay in touch with their clients and also share their newly launched products or deals.

Facebook pages are an important ingredient in online marketing. They act as a gateway to your business by providing address, contact info, website, and other details.

Moreover, with targeted Facebook ads, you can reach people who have similar interests as your current customers. This way, you can reach a wider audience that can turn into your future customers.

3. Take advantage of Instagram features.

If your target market includes young adults, you might also need to stay present on Instagram. It can be a huge asset to your business and give people an insight into your brand and products. Moreover, by linking your page to a Facebook page or the website, you can use this platform in the best way possible.

With different features available on Instagram, you can promote your business without needing to be too formal. You can use Instagram stories, live videos, polls, and hashtags to promote your page.

Pages with more than 10k followers can also add a link to a website in their stories. This is another feature that leads to more traffic.

4. Google Ads

Google offers paid-per-click (PPC) ads that you can use to promote your business in search results for certain keywords. Though this technique can be expensive, the results are significant.

With google ads, you can also set a target market and reach a whole new market of potential customers.

5. Start email marketing

In the times of social media platforms, email marketing may sound outdated. However, it is one of the most effective methods to get a high ROI. For every dollar spent, you earn an average of around $40.

So, to reach a wider audience through email marketing, add a special discount for customers when they provide their email addresses. Once you get a hold of these addresses, the next step is to send marketing emails that encourage the customers to visit your website.

One of the good things about email marketing is that you can easily incorporate videos and pictures to enhance the visual aspects. With an online video editor like Promo, you can create such videos in no time.

6. Use content marketing

One of the ways to gain recognition in the digital market is through content marketing. It includes different techniques that are used to direct your audience to your website or the online store. It doesn’t necessarily direct them to buy something, but it helps establish an image in viewers’ minds.

Some of the content marketing techniques include blogs, videos, infographics, and images. With relevant and interesting content, you can build trust and a deeper connection with the visitors. It promotes your brand while also offering something useful to the visitors.

Moreover, with a variety of tools online, creating such content has now become really easy. Promo online video editor is one such tool that you can use to create and edit your marketing videos.

7. Optimize the site with SEO

With a perfectly SEO-optimized website, you have a greater chance of appearing in the initial results for queries related to your business. With the right use of keywords and other SEO techniques, you can achieve this easily.

There are many tools online that can help you with SEO optimization and custom plans for your website. However, keep in mind that results are not always sudden. It might take some time for your business to land on the first page of search results.

8. Partner with influencers

Social media influencers have a really strong impact on the consumer market. Due to their high credibility, many people trust influencers and the brands they promote. So, by partnering with influencers or celebrities, you can show how reliable your brand is.

Moreover, influencers can be a part of your promotional videos and share their reviews and experience too. You can easily make such videos using an online video editor.

Furthermore, some businesses also send PR packages to these people so they can test them on their own and share their reviews. Consequently, they tag brands in stories or posts and hence increase traffic to their website.

9. Experiment with CTAs

A business website must include clear Calls to Action (CTAs). Many people don’t realize the impact of using CTAs, and something as simple as the color of their button. Most of the B2B sites don’t perform well online because they lack a CTA.

Only around 2% of first-time visitors buy products from your website. This is why CTAs are important. You can also them to your videos, which you can create using an online video editor. So, experiment with different colors, buttons, positions, and text to see which one works best for your audience.


strong competition in the online market

With such strong competition in the online market, digital marketing has become necessary to stay ahead. Knowing your target audience, creating engaging content, and optimizing your website are some of the easiest ways to gain website traffic. However, depending on your market and business type, some things might not work for you. But this is what it’s all about: experimenting. Keep trying new things and stick with whatever works for your brand. With Promo online video editor, you can effortlessly create engaging content for your website and social media.

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