How Can Realtors Use Text Marketing Best?

Realtors Use Text Marketing
Realtors Use Text Marketing

Today’s real estate market requires agents to be connected to their clients almost 24-7. Sellers communicate with their agents and often expect a near-instant response, and buyers expect the same urgency in replies so that they don’t miss out on a property they want. With such a pace, one resource that is essential for any Realtor is the ability to conduct effective realtor text marketing. This one tool can create personalized connections with clients and enhance your business in ways virtually unmatched by any other technology.

Inform Instantly

Text messaging is primarily a means to connect quickly with clients about home-buying and home-selling information. It has become more popular than email or phone calls to keep people informed about options or changes in their situation. Buyers can be alerted almost instantly if you see a brand new listing that matches their ideal criteria, possibly getting them a viewing and a chance to offer before others. Sellers can be informed about showing feedback or even a purchase offer very quickly, and their home sale might go through successfully because they were particularly responsive and impressed the buyers.

Connect Personally

Informing clients about home-related issues is your primary objective, but almost as important is forging a less formal connection with them through things like wishes of happy holidays or remembering they were on a long vacation and have returned home. A quick text to wish a client a happy birthday or anniversary, or a mention of an important family event, can reinforce the idea that you are a caring person, not ‘just their agent.’

Contact Legally

While text messaging is an extremely powerful tool, it can also be very invasive, so it’s essential that you follow all legal requirements to ensure you do not break communication laws. Check the laws that impact you, but likely you will find language stating people must explicitly opt-in to texting, they must be provided a reasonable expectation for number of contacts in a given time period (e.g. twice a week or less), and it must be easy for people to opt-out if they change their mind.  Pro Agent Solutions can help you get started with Realtor text marketing options—give them a call today!

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