Hotel Management software is an abbreviation for Property Management System. It is a management system for accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns, and generally refers to the management system for the accommodation department. The main feature is a system that can centrally manage information about guest Workspace room booking softwarer such as accommodation reservations, selling prices, number of remaining rooms, and charge settlement. In addition, there is a function to analyze customer management and strategy construction data, and to enter reservation routes and messages (sends / notes) for each guest, so by utilizing the accumulated data, smooth customer response and sales Can be useful for strategy.Currently, it is almost adopted in city hotels, business hotels, large resort hotels, etc., and it is a system developed by many manufacturers. In recent years, by linking an external accommodation reservation management system with PMS, it is possible to automatically capture reservations made from outside such as travel agencies and online travel agents (OTA) according to the number of remaining rooms. For domestic hotels, the system called “NEHOPS” is the most mainstream, and for overseas and foreign-affiliated hotels, the system called “OPERA” is the most mainstream. There are other products from manufacturers, so the features of each will be explained below.

It is the latest cloud-type hotel system that can be used regardless of the scale or operation form, such as unmanned hotels, from hotel chains to small accommodations.It is not just a business system, but a PMS designed to improve sales.In addition, it features an advanced design that is easy for anyone to use, designed based on the idea that “it is meaningless if you cannot master a good system”.

It is also equipped with many functions that aim to increase sales, such as the realization of upsell through optional sales such as accommodation reservation management and sales / accounts receivable management, and the repeat customer acquisition function.

In addition, the optional smart check-in function enables non-face-to-face and digital check-in operations.It also provides hotel system services for small and medium-sized accommodations with the desire to support the creation of a system that can focus on “customer service”. By providing a hotel system that is completed on the cloud-type Web without incurring the initial introduction cost of the conventional accommodation management system, the service is provided at a low monthly fee. In order to develop a system that is easy for users to use, it is characterized by incorporating the management know-how of hot spring inns and business hotels, and about 200 facilities have already been registered in about a year after the service started.

Accommodation management system:

Contains all the features you need to manage your facility

Sirvoy has both a reservation and management system for all types of accommodation: hotels, motels, hostels, B & Bs, lodges, guesthouses and more. You can check your reservation anytime, anywhere.There is no need to install or update your system.

You can connect directly to all major booking and travel sites:

Today, most hotel reservations are made through the online booking site (OTA). With Sirvoy, you can easily advertise to those millions of potential guests. Let’s stop the manual update work anymore. We will help you make the best use of your time! Sending and receiving connections to all major Sirvoy reservation sites allows you to automatically update your facility’s reservations and availability.

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