Five Things SEO’s Should Know About Website Images

Five Things SEO's Should Know About Website Images
Five Things SEO's Should Know About Website Images

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the mandatory need of all online businesses. It is meant to boost up the ranking of the websites in no time and help them to popularize amazingly. Search engine optimization is not only limited to the written content but is also associated with the images. The trend of online business is increasing and getting more popular day by day. Every other person is moving towards the online business and website marketing that promotes their business. The people concerning search engine optimization must know the following five major points as these impact extensively.  

  1. Website images renamed with keywords

The image file should not be uploaded on the website with any random name. Gone are the days when people uploaded the image file with any inappropriate name! It is necessary for the website owners to make the proper documents for the image files with the right names. These image files must be saved with the proper name or should have the targeted keyword in them. The best and optimally effective approach from an SEO perspective is to rename the files with the keyword. Use the highly targeting keyword for renaming the images!

  1. Website images should be relevant to the content

Make a selection of the images quite sagaciously! The content-relevant images are the best ones to use. These add the perfect synergistic effect for enhancing the website’s popularity, reputation, and ranking. These must be capable enough to explain the content in the wink of an eye. The quality of the image is the primary element that a person cares for. 

The websites having blurred or out-of-visual images are not appealing to retain the audience’s vision. Get high-resolution images with good quality visuals by using the photo search online. The photo search is a commonly used practice worldwide for getting similar images relevant to the niche with search by image. Whenever images are high-quality and match the content perfectly, it is lethal. 

The niche relevancy provides a formal look to the website. The website having content of “hairstyle” niche with the images of “cars” makes no sense and thus, gets ignored by the audience. It depicts the lack of specificity in your website. 

  1. Website images should be 100% unique 

The website makers should be aware of the copyright. Plagiarism can be found in the written content as well as the visuals. The images selected for the image search to be placed on websites must be free of duplication. How to identify the status of images, whether they are duplicated or not? How to get copyright-free images for website content! The answer to all these questions is easy and lies in using the reverse image search approach. The reverse image search assists you to find duplication or originality for the image. 

  1. Websites images must be in the right format

The best SEO practices demand the use of rational file format for the image upload. These include JPG, JPEG, and PNG. Among these, PNG is the least used one, while JPEGs are known to be highly SEO-friendly. Other file formats for images include SVG, HEIF, TIFF, WebP, GIF, etc. The faster loading of the web pages is possible by reducing the image size. With the help of JPG file format, you can relish the high-quality factor for your images. It offers images in small sizes without losing the quality of these. 

  1. Website image should be responsive 

There are various significant means to make the images responsive. Take the assistance of the best method to gain fruitful outcomes. Use the image type-switching method, fluid image method, device pixel-based method, or others as per your ease. The responsive images optimize the interaction quite fabulously. For instance, consider lowering the CSS of the images with their width property and offer the display property value through using the <img> elements. The images with optimum compatibility with multiple devices satisfy the traffic quite more!

 In a Nutshell

SEO-friendly images are the best ones to use for boosting the website ranking in the least possible time! Find out the ranking of your website and then look for all the images of it for search engine optimization of these. Remove all the copyright images or give credit to the original sources of it! Images are the crucial part of the website that can either take you to the height of success or limit it. No compromise should be made on the website images, and hence the selection should be made quite sagaciously!

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