Dane Cook Bio, Net Worth, Plastic Surgery, Movies and Brother

dane cook Net worth
dane cook Net worth

Name: Dane Cook – Dane Jeffrey Cook
Profession: Comedian and Actor
Date of Birth: March 18th, 1972
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Marital Status: Unmarried

No one saw Dane Cook coming. In fact, he’s been credited as one of the best comedians you’ve never heard of. He had humble beginnings but forced his way through hard-knocks and into the comedy lime-light to be one of the funniest men in the industry. Read Below Dane Cook net worth, plastic surgery and his life.

Dane Cook Net Worth:

Dane Cook is the world’s highest-paid live performer, and as of 2015, he had sold over 15 million concert tickets worldwide and in 2021 Dane Cook net worth is $35 million . As a stand-up comedian his style is conversational comedy that covers topics such as politics, race relations, sex, food and addiction. His first HBO special was in 2008 called “Tourgasm”. Dane Cook net worth is stated to be $95 Million dollars (2015).

Dane Cook Plastic Surgery

Dane Cook Plastic Surgery

This is a picture of what dane cook’s face may have looked like before and after a plastic surgery. I think it looks more handsome, like the person in the second picture. I’m not sure as to why he would want to change his appearance other than for fame, but I also don’t think that’s any excuse! Everyone has their own opinion on this matter.

Early Life: Dane Cook Brother and Family

Dane Cook grew up with 8 other people in his house in Arlington, Massachusetts, and loved making his large family laugh. He realized he had a gift when his father (a radio DJ) gave him a recorder and microphone to record his skits. By the time he was about to graduate middle school, Dane realized that his dream was to be on the popular show Saturday Night Live.

Dane Cook Girlfriend


Taking this goal in hand, Dane started to do stand-up comedy in clubs scattered around Boston in the early 90s. Since Boston didn’t enjoy his high-energy skits, Dane thought to take his crazy shows somewhere else, so he packed up his stuff and headed for New York and then LA. His shows caused quite a stir, and people loved him, but he was making no cash.

To keep money coming in, Cook started getting roles for TV shows such as “Maybe This Time” and films like “Buddy” and “Mystery Men.” These roles got him noticed by Comedy Central, which started featuring him on many different shows that launched his career into high gear.

Cook’s fame and quirky shows have produced some of the world’s most hilarious tokens, like the SU-FI. The SU-FI is the Super-Finger (which inspired his film company Super-Finger Entertainment). The Super-Finger was birthed out of Dane Cook’s need to find a more spicy use of the middle finger, which he found had lost its potency long ago. Instead of lifting just the middle finger, Dane decided to lift both his middle and ring finger, which supposedly added it the extra kick that had become tolerated.

When Dane’s fan base started growing, his mind started working on ways to pull in even more fame. He launched his first comedy album “Harmful if Swallowed” in 2003, which later went double platinum. The album got Comedy Central’s attention, and they signed him on for more disc projects. Dane gave birth to Retaliation, which became the highest charting comedy album in almost 30 years.

His popularity continued to accelerate, and he was offered a leading role in the film “Employee of the Month.” Although the movie didn’t do very well, the coverage of Cook was enough to continue his success. He was also offered more movie roles that aligned him with big names such as Kevin Costner, and Jessica Alba in Mr. Brooks and Good Luck Chuck.

List of Albums:

2007 – Live From Madison Square Garden (CD/DVD): Rough Around the Edges.
2005 – Retaliation
2003 – Harmful If Swallowed

Dane Cook Movies List:

2007 – Dan in Real Life
2007 – Farce of the Penguins
2007 – Good Luck Chuck
2007 – Mr. Brooks
2006 – Employee of the Month
2006 – London
2005 – Waiting…
2004 – Torque
2003 – Stuck on You
2002 – L.A.X.
2002 – The Touch
1999 – Mystery Men
1999 – Simon Sez
1997 – Buddy

List of TV Appearances:

  • Saturday Night Live
  • Duck Dodgers
  • Good Girls Don’t…
  • The Man Show
  • Crank Yankers
  • Suddenly Susan
  • Maybe This Time

Plagiarism Speculation:

Sometime after Retaliation was released, some people were concerned that Dane Cook was stealing material from another comedian’s work done in 2001. The comedian, Louis C.K. claimed that some of his material was stolen from his Live in Houston album. Although the dispute never broke out into any legal battles, Dane Cook’s seemingly similar material sparked many to wonder if he wrote his own material or stole it from others.

Past Relationships:

Dane cook lives with Raquel Houghton, a singer from the band Valli Girls. They’ve dated since 2004.

Site/Fan Site:

Dane Cook Fan Site

Fan Mail Address: Dane Cook
New Wave Entertainment
2660 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

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