Brilliant Side Hustles & How You Can Start Building Them Now

Brilliant Side Hustles & How You Can Start Building Them Now
Brilliant Side Hustles & How You Can Start Building Them Now

If you find yourself needing cash, then one of the most important things that you can do to make a bit more is to engage in a side hustle. There are plenty of important points to keep in mind when starting a side hustle and plenty of options for side hustles that you could start. This article aims to outline a handful of side hustles and what you should do if you want to start your own.

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Why You Want a Side Hustle

There are plenty of reasons why people might want to engage in a side hustle. The most obvious is that you might want to make more money, but that is not the only reason that people start getting involved with a side hustle.

Some people want to start a side hustle simply because they enjoy what they do and want to try and do it more. By making money off of their projects, they can help to give themselves a sense of urgency as well as a constant supply of work to be done. After all, even if you enjoy something, it is often easier to motivate yourself to do it if there is some kind of deadline involved.

In terms of starting a side hustle to simply make money, there is nothing wrong with that either. Creating your own side hustle can be a brilliant way to bring in a little bit of extra cash for any reason that you might need to. If you want to start saving more money, then a side hustle can be a great way to add a little something extra to your savings. On the other hand, if you are struggling for money, then supplementing your income with a side hustle can be another great way to lessen the financial load on your back.

IT Repair and Support

Another brilliant potential side hustle industry that you might want to get involved with is its repair and support. Computers are almost ubiquitous in this modern age, but many people are not good with them. This presents an ideal opportunity for those people who are good with IT and technology, and if you play your cards right, you can capitalize on your skills.

Skills to Build. Speaking of which, some of the most important skills to develop for this kind of side hustle are IT skills and electrical engineering. If these are skills that you already have or have an interest in developing, then they can be enormously useful and valuable in terms of this side hustle.

For example, if you’ve completed a masters in electrical and computer engineering, then your skills would enable you to do all sorts of important work that most people can’t. For example, opening up and repairing the soldiering on electronics is something that is completely beyond the talents of most people but is simple enough for someone skilled in electrical engineering. As a result, you can charge a fair premium for the skills that you have developed.

On top of that, IT skills are in particularly high demand and can be very lucrative if you play your cards right. People would happily pay for support in these areas rather than having to go through the process of learning these skills themselves.

Equipment to Grab. If you’re planning on getting into the industry of repairing and upgrading computers, then there are plenty of important pieces of equipment that you should probably pick up. Things like soldering irons, spare hard drives, and test monitors will all serve to make your work possible.

Plus, there are even pieces of equipment that you might not necessarily need but would make your life easier. If your side hustle starts to make enough money to justify buying these, then why not?

Ultimately, the most important factor here is how much you are spending on your side hustle and how much you are willing to spend on it. The more you’re willing to spend, the higher quality you can make your side hustle setup. Just make sure it is something you can afford.

Establishing Yourself. Knowing all of this, if you want to set yourself up to engage with this side hustle, there are plenty of things that you can do to make that possible. If you’re planning on setting up a local repair shop, you’d probably want to start talking around town and spreading the word about your side hustle.

Alternatively, if you’d rather start an online business, you should probably set up your own website and grab a PO box so that you can get the important electronics sent to you quickly and safely. It might be harder to establish yourself online with this kind of business, but ultimately you would have more access to a range of potential customers.

Selling Products Online

Probably the single most common side hustle available right now is the act of selling things online. If you have a creative hobby that allows you to create things that people might want to buy, then it is incredibly easy for you to start your own side right now.

Skills to Build. The first thing you need when starting this kind of side hustle is the skills to create the product that you are selling. There are plenty of hobbies that tend to create things that people can sell. 

Crocheting is one example. Often when people learn to crochet, they learn to crochet soft animals and other such toys that you could then begin to sell online. If you have any talent with crochet and the creation of your own patterns, then the resulting soft ways could be really cool and fairly unique. Two of the most important things when trying to sell a product online.

Pottery is another example. If you’re interested in learning how to create pottery and you get good at it, then you’re going to be creating products every time that you engage with your hobby. This means that depending on the quality of the products you’re producing, you could definitely start selling customized clay products online. You might be surprised at the amount of demand for custom plates, bowls, and mugs.

Equipment to Grab. Obviously, the equipment that you are going to need to sell products online is going to vary from hobby to hobby. If you’re engaging with croquet, then you need the needles and wool in order to produce the soft toys that you’re selling. On the other hand, if you’re selling crockery, then you’re going to need the Potter’s wheel and clay that you’re using to create the products that you’re selling.

Ultimately, however, there are certain items that will crossover between these options. You are always going to need the packaging needed to safely send the items that you’re selling. Plus, you’re going to have to pay for any stamps that you’re going to need to send the items to their destination.

Establishing Yourself. If you’re interested in getting into this particular side hustle, then there are plenty of routes available to you. The easiest way to establish yourself in this kind of industry is to partner with one of the many marketplaces that allow creators to sell their products. Etsy is one of the better examples of this kind of industry.

Alternatively, if you are more interested in selling your products yourself, then you might want to look into services such as Shopify that allow you to create ecommerce store websites. This will allow you to keep more of your profit from the sales of your creations. However, you will still have to pay for your website and any design work that you need to get the website created.

House and Pet Sitting

Another fantastic potential side hustle industry that you could get into is that of house and pet sitting. When trying to plan a holiday, people often have trouble finding adequate solutions to keep their pets and homes looked after. This can cause real problems for people that don’t want to put their pets into a kennel or need constant care for their house. 

Fortunately, this is where you come in. As a house or pet sitter, you can offer to stay in her home for them to look after their animals and their house. For obvious reasons, this side hustle can be difficult to start up, but once you have a trustworthy reputation, the difficulty of starting up in this industry can actually work to your advantage.

Skills to Build. When it comes to this industry, there aren’t actually all that many skills that you are going to need to develop. However, there is one important thing that you are going to need, and that is trust.

As you might have seen, people aren’t necessarily going to be very happy to simply leave their house in the care of a complete stranger. However, for this particular side hustle to work for you, you are probably going to need to house sit for more than just the people that know you, Which means you’re going to need to borrow some trust.

To do this, you need to housesit for some people that already trust you and do a good job. Having done that, you can honestly tell people that you have done this before and that the people that hired you to do it were happy with the result. It might even be a good idea to offer potential clients the opportunity to call one of your previous “clients” in order to confirm.

After all, it is never easy to ask someone to trust you with the most precious things in their lives.

Equipment to Grab. Again, this is a side hustle that doesn’t really need all that much in terms of equipment. However, one piece of equipment that you might need in order to do this job properly is a website.

For whatever reason, having a well-designed website can help to put people’s minds at ease. Convincing someone that you are who you say you are and that you can do the job you’re telling them you can. It’s much easier when they feel like you are a professional. That is something that a website can give you.

Not to mention that in an ideal world, your website would start to bring new business when you’re satisfied, and clients suggest to their friends that they use your service as well. This means that by providing and means to contact you through your website, you can actually gain additional work, making it one of the most important tools that you could possibly have.

Establishing Yourself. Obviously, the first step in establishing yourself is creating your website. Unless you are talented in the art of designing a website, it is almost always better to hire someone to create your website for you. That will give you a far more professional look.

With a website all set up and ready to go, the most important step in establishing yourself is building that sense of trust. Be sure to prominently display previous satisfied clients on your website as well as a means to contact you.

However, before your website can start working to bring in clients, you are going to have to put in the footwork yourself. Word of mouth is a wonderful method of marketing, but it only exists once you already have satisfied clients. This means that you will have to start that network yourself.

This can be a difficult thing to do due to the nature of the side hustle, which means that your best resource for starting this network lies in the personal connections that you have. If any of your friends know someone who needs to have their pet looked after for a holiday, then ask them to spread the word. 

It is commonly believed that there are only 6 degrees of separation between every person in the world. So you would be startled how far word of your side hustle can grow if you start that ball rolling and keep pushing until it rolls itself.

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