All about Picuki: Instagram Editor and Viewer

All about Picuki: Instagram editor and viewer
All about Picuki: Instagram editor and viewer

Picuki is a fantastic app for exploring Instagram. It is an Instagram viewer and editor. The useful features of the app have made it famous. And its facility to access Instagram posts without having any Instagram ID provides users with many advantages. Moreover, Picuki allows access to users through web browsers also. Thus it helps the users to step up the game of social media! Here we will share every vital detail about Picuki.

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What is Picuki?

You can define Picuki as an Instagram editor and viewer, but it is more than that! If you are not interested in creating an Instagram account yet curious about checking stories, posts and more, then Picuki is your buddy! It lets you check all kinds of trending posts too. 

Who should use it?

Picuki offers free access to Instagram posts to its users. It also allows seeing Instagram posts and stories from a PC or smartphone. So, if you do not want to use your existing Instagram ID or do not want to create one, use Picuki. It does not leave any ‘seen’ mark when you see stories through Picuki. It is another way to stay off social media, even knowing what is happening around you!

Useful features to check

Picuki is an app that allows getting some more from Instagram! It has some valuable features for users. You can access Instagram tags, posts, stories and even the location of Instagram posts. And you can get all of these without logging in to any Instagram account. The users can search and check Instagram profiles too. So, it means you enjoy Instagram’s fun without using your account.

Secrecy and categories

Moreover, Picuki keeps your identity secret! So, the account holder will not know if you are checking the stories or profiles through it. The best part of using it is checking posts from various categories. When you open the browser or app, you will get the categories to choose from. It allows the users to select from trending or popular tags like fashion, instaparty, love, instagood, nofilter and many more. The trends change along with time. So, you need not pay attention to any other website to search Instagram trends separately. You can also download Instagram content using the app or browser. 

Popular posts

If you are wondering how to find trending posts from recent times, Picuki has got you covered! If you open the browser or app, you get three sections of popular posts like ‘today’, ‘yesterday’ and ‘this week’. And you can access such posts along with the captions, hashtags and emojis! But one thing to remember is that it allows checking the contents of public profiles, and you cannot access any post, story or content of private profiles using Picuki. 

Trending profiles

Picuki lets you see the trending profiles on Instagram with a single click! Opening the browser will help you to know the trending profiles across various niches. For example, you may see the trending profiles are @natgeo, @justinbieber, @pizza and so on. So, it is easy to get into the Instagram stuff without thinking about what to check today!

Free and secure 

You can request access to Picuki’s API. And it makes searching for profile details and posts easier way. And another good thing is all the services it offers are free for the users. This is the reason behind its huge popularity. Most people avoid taking paid app services. But such free things are indeed worth trying! If you are still contemplating using Picuki, try it once for free to check if it is good enough. 

Guide to using Picuki for Instagram

You can simply use Picuki from the Google search engine. You can also get it from your App Store or Google Play Store. Availing of the fantastic features of Picuki is not tricky! After opening it, you will see a search bar. Here you can search profiles, tags or locations by entering. So, it works like a search engine. 

There are also options for editing Instagram content, searching trending Instagram posts and browsing without logging in. So, Picuki is an all-in-one app or browser that helps to search ‘hot topics’ or trending posts on Instagram in a single click. If you write any hashtag on the browser, all top posts related to that hashtag will show up immediately. And you can check the post from there, including the likes and comments of the same. Downloading stories or posts using this app is also easy. So, this comes in handy for checking Instagram content skillfully. 

How safe is Picuki for users?

You may wonder if checking Instagram content through Picuki is safe or not. But it is legal and secure for users to use this app. And there is no chance of getting trapped in any fraudulent activity through this browser or app. So, you can trust the services it offers.

Picuki has user-friendly terms, which is another reason for its popularity. There is no force rule to register an account. So, you can check Instagram through it without any logging-in step! And it does not violate users’ rights. Utilizing the API of Instagram makes it a safe option for users. But you must be careful reusing the content collected from Picuki to avoid copyright issues. 

Here is why use Picuki 

Here are some more valid reasons to use this app. The first reason to use Picuki is that it is free. Secondly, it is entirely safe for users. And lastly, it allows you to keep your identity secret while checking public posts. Moreover, there are options to download posts and stories. Some people skip creating any social media profiles and avoid showing up on social media realms like Instagram. Picuki is the best app for them! It is a great choice to be on Instagram without revealing who you are! So, check Instagram with this app today to see if there are some more good points to add!

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