A Beginner’s Guide to Using Candles

A Beginner's Guide to Using Candles
A Beginner's Guide to Using Candles

Candles have become pivotal to modern interior design. As humans, our olfactory senses define our experiences, and everyone wants their home to smell refreshing and relaxing. With improving formulas and complex scents, candles have become household essentials. With the Melbourne candles sale soaring to a whopping $200 million, everyone should have one. 

However, many have concerns about fire hazards, safety, and affordability. Worry not because this guide lists the benefits of purchasing a candle, tips for using one, and safety practices. 

Benefits of Purchasing a Candle


Candles can exponentially accentuate one’s decor. Whether it’s dark woods or light minimalistic tones, candles are perfect. Moreover, lighting them creates a lovely warm-toned theme. 


Candles stimulate over three hundred olfactory nerves and work as effective room fresheners. They mask unpleasant odours and make one’s room smell like a dream. 

Most of these scents are complex formulas that create specific experiences, altering your mood for the better.


Candle formulas often use floral and herbal notes to calm and soothe the mind. This aromatherapy can improve one’s overall mood and mental well-being. Some candle formulas can lower cortisol (the stress hormone), relieving stress and anxiety. They also encourage dopamine and serotonin production, making one significantly happier. Melbourne experts say that over a third of all Australians deal with extreme stress, and Melbourne candles are the perfect solution.

Better Sleep

Candles make a room more comfortable and more conducive to sleep. 

Candlelight evenings create a relaxing and warm environment that helps one sleep better. 

Wellness Activities

Lighting candles can become a healthy personal ritual that brings one joy and satisfaction. Psychologists say that candles have a very positive effect on one’s mental well-being. They are easily comparable to wellness activities like journaling and yoga. 


Through different formulas, candles aim to promote different moods and environments. For example, the scent of lavender can help you rewind and relax, while lemongrass is more refreshing and energising.

Tips for Using Candles

  • Pay Attention! 

Never leave a candle burning while you are asleep or not at home. Leaving it unattended can lead to a fire.

  • It’s Better to Stay Cautious

Never touch or move a burning candle. Dropping a lit candle or brushing past flammable curtains is a risk that you should try to avoid. 

  • Distance

While burning multiple candles, keep them at least three to five inches apart. In the case of an emergency, this will make the fire easier to manage. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. 

  • Wick Trimming

After each usage, remember to trim the wick. Doing so keeps the room from smelling burnt and your candle looking as good as new. If the wick is untrimmed, the flame could get too tall, leading to soot formation on the glass. Moreover, extended exposure to heat could crack the glass. 

  • Placement is Key

Never place candles near air-conditioning and heating vents. A simple way to check if there’s a vent nearby is by observing the direction of the flame. If it flickers towards any other direction than upright, there is a vent nearby. 

  • Chill Candles burn Slow

As with any investment, one should try to make the most out of their purchase. By placing conducting material around the candle, the candle stays relatively chill. 

  • Never Burn for Too Long

Always keep time while lighting candles, and never exceed four hours while burning. After this period, the candle gets too hot and burns faster. Some candles can liquefy completely, displacing the wick. Maybe you require more than four hours of candle time. Consider buying multiple candles and using them on rotation.

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