9 Reasons To Watch Documentaries

9 Reasons To Watch Documentaries
9 Reasons To Watch Documentaries

There are a plethora of methods to keep oneself engaged at home. Playing video games, viewing movies, and documentaries are just a few of these options. Movies are fictitious but Documentaries are fact-based. Documentaries are a potent way to learn about many social issues that currently plague us and prevent the world from functioning correctly.

Here are 9 reasons why watching documentaries might be worth your time.

1) They’re entertaining- 

Documentaries often can entertain you in their unique way. For example, some documentaries may make you laugh with their humor. Some will teach you about history and art through their narration. Others may simply give us an interesting perspective on the world as presented through interviews and talking heads. There are so many different documentaries that you can expect to enjoy each one uniquely.

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2) They’re educational-

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Documentaries can often inspire a great deal of knowledge within their subjects. For example, documentaries like What the Bleep Do We Know? Have interviewed scientists and famous thinkers on issues like the effects of electromagnetic radiation, the true nature of the brain, and whether or not time is linear. As we learn more about these things and other exciting things, it gives us a passionate sense that we can use to help change the world in meaningful ways. 

3) They’ll make you think critically-

Documentaries are great tools for teaching you critical thinking. They’ll often show you layers of evidence that support their claims, as well as the reasons why sure evidence is either ignored or blatantly misrepresented by those in power. This gives us a more concrete look at the inner machinations of reality and exposes many lies we’ve been told that shape our understanding of the world around us.

4) They will open your mind-

 Documentaries can also be a potent tool in showing you how to let go of fear and preconceived notions by exposing the ignorance behind them. For example, many people have intense concerns about government, chemtrails, vaccinations, and even food. As we look more closely at the world around us, it’s clear to see that many of these fears and beliefs are simply illogical.

5) They’ll make you feel compassionate-

Documentaries can be a great way of learning to empathize with others, mainly when they’re spread throughout cultures and locations all over the world. Documentaries such as Occupy Unmasked show that many people simply don’t understand the realities of how economic systems work. Many fail to recognize their privilege. Many simply have trouble seeing beyond their perspectives. These things make us feel compassion for those who are caught in this system that we benefit from so much. Documentaries are a great way to learn to put yourself in another’s shoes.

6) They’ll show you history-

Documentaries can be a great way to see how history is made and what causes you have to take action. Documentaries are so crucial because they often show us the influence of propaganda in our past or even show us people’s willingness to fight against unjust laws or policies that don’t reflect their values or beliefs. They often guide us how we can do something about these things and how the power of activism works.

7) They set examples-

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 Documentaries can inspire us to make changes in our own lives and the lives of others. One of the most powerful things they can do is show us real people that have made a difference in their communities, or even show us people who have changed the world with their wisdom and talent. We no longer have to fear making a change by learning from them because history reminds us that every change we make matters and makes a difference.

8) They are therapeutic-

Watching documentaries can also be therapeutic for you on many levels. For example, documentaries like After Innocence talk about the dire consequences that crime victims have had to endure over time due to poor evidence collection methods. This might be an excellent approach for you to communicate your sentiments regarding victims and the sorrow of having to repeat their experiences. Documentaries like this can be therapeutic for you by sharing their stories to make them more comfortable in their skin again. Others like “Who Bombed Judi Bari” talk about how our government often frames activists. This can be very powerful; as it shows that many activists have suffered due to unjust laws and policies and gives us the inspiration we need to stand up against these things ourselves.

9) They’ll inspire change-

Documentaries can show us exactly what we need to make changes within our lives. For example, they can show us the problems we need to work on and the solutions we have to implement to solve them. Documentaries like The Awakening can be very inspiring because as we learn how our government functions, we realize how much power, we have at our disposal.


There are many reasons why documentaries are essential, but they’re all important because they inspire us to make fundamental changes in our lives and the world around us. Only using documentaries will allow you to understand how our culture is flawed and all of the ways that we have the power to change it for the better.

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