5 Advanced Smart HVAC Solutions

5 Advanced Smart HVAC Solutions
5 Advanced Smart HVAC Solutions

Smart HVAC is not only in and popular – it’s fast becoming the new norm. It seems that not so long ago, these systems used to be a mere novelty. However, the times are changing and smart heating and air conditioning solutions are becoming the new standard for residential and commercial comfort. These systems are constantly improving and changing, which is why solutions such as the Honeywell smart heating and cooling systems are available.

Not only do smart HVAC devices feature impressive design characteristics and capabilities, they also offer incredible advantages to both your customers and you and your technicians. First and foremost, these systems offer streamlined operations and easy comfort monitoring and adjusting. What’s more, they enhance your customer’s system efficiency, lower their carbon footprint, control moisture and indoor air quality, and offer an overall better user experience. 

Which Smart HVAC Solutions Do My Customers Need?

However, smart HVAC systems are one thing, and there are many other intelligent products your customers can implement into their homes. In order to do so, you need to explain what smart heating and cooling technologies you offer and how they would be beneficial to their everyday lives. Let’s take a closer look into some of the most advanced smart HVAC products currently available on the market and what they can do for your clients. 


Smart thermostats are capable of a lot more than simple temperature control. They connect to any smart device, including a personal computer, tablet, smartphone, or laptop. This allows your customers to operate and monitor their HVAC systems completely remotely and coordinate other essential climate components of their ecosystem. 

However, that’s still not all. Smart thermostats can send notifications reminding you and your customers about regular maintenance and necessary repairs. Also, they can send out notifications regarding essential system information and various other important parameters, such as energy consumption and indoor air quality. 


Traditional vents within a heating and cooling system send warm or cold air throughout your customers’ individual rooms. However, traditional vents require your customers to manually open or close them to control the amount of heating or cooling within each separate zone. This is where smart vents come in.

Smart vents work alongside smart thermostats and allow your customers to manually control the amount of airflow from each vent without having to open or close them by hand. Instead, they control each vent through an app on one of their smart devices. What’s more, they can program each vent according to their individual preferences and requirements. 


These air conditioners represent standalone systems with smart capabilities. This is ideal for those customers that do not have centralized heating and cooling systems. Often, these customers supplement their HVAC requirements with a portable unit. A smart WiFi air conditioner allows your clients to control their operations from their phone or other device through an internet connection. 

There are even some WiFi air conditioning units that are compatible with different types of smart home assistants, such as Alexa. Also, some of these units feature geofencing, allowing them to know when a person is present within a home and adjusting the cooling accordingly or shutting off the unit entirely. 

Window Treatments

Finally, there are even smart windows treatments currently available on the market. Smart electronic shades and windows work alongside your customers’ smart heating and air conditioning systems to control how much heat, cold, and light enters their homes and affects the indoor conditions.  There are various forms of this technology, and your clients can even retrofit their traditional windows into smart windows. Smart shades and blinds allow your customers further light and heat control for enhanced whole-home comfort monitoring. 

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